Thursday, October 21, 2010


The following is what my supervisor, mentor, and friend-Marlee-said about me tonight at the recognition ceremony. As you read, imagine my face with a huge smile, just a bit red from laughing, and a mixture of embarrassment and happiness.

"If you’re interested in finding the best French Onion Soup in Merrimack county, Sarah Lambson is the person to talk to. Same goes if you’d like to understand the finer points of how the Harry Potter and Twilight series compare, or the pros and cons of having on of those giant blow-up Christmas ornaments on your lawn. Sarah is a critical thinker who seems to have thought carefully about just about everything there is to think about in our day to day lives.

This independent thinking has been a hallmark of Sarah’s role in the community here. She seems practically immune to peer pressure and was often willing to speak out for what she thought was right, regardless of the overall feeling of the group. She mastered the art of finding personal time and space in a lively community, while still building strong relationships and remaining an integral member of the group.

Sarah began exploring her skills as an educator at Hillside Middle School last spring, and found her stride as an interpretive ranger this summer and fall. She has developed a strong classroom voice and effective facilitation and group management skills that will serve her well in her education position with the Maine Conservation Corps this spring. Thank you Sarah, for all that you have shared."

I told Marlee that I was so touched with what she had said, that I wanted to cherish it forever. So she gave me the paper that had what she had said about me written out.

I told myself that I wouldn't focus on lasts (even though this is my last blog entry written as a member of the SCA NH corps). So I won't.

I will however mention how inspiring the speech Dale Penny (CEO of the SCA) gave was. He got emotional towards the end and you all know how emotional I get when someone I don't expect to cry, cries. It's not a pretty sight. It was weird, because I really wanted him to say "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen". He spoke a lot of how this wasn't an ending but the beginning of the life I lead using the things I learned from this experience.

It was a long ceremony and the benches were hard, but the food was amazing even though it was from a vegan restaurant. Sushi? Yes, please. Focaccia? Gimme! And those were just the appetizers.

I really want to reflect a little more, but I actually have MORE WORK to do before I leave tomorrow and everyone in the lodge is pressuring me to join the fun. So I gotta go.

I cannot believe this is over.


Steve said...

The fact that the food included sushi contradicts the restaurant's claim that they are vegan. Just sayin'.

It's about frakking time you came home, can't wait to see you!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Wow. Some great words said in this blog. And, Marlee really pegged you, Sarah. So proud to think that you belong to me!

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