Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Gentle leaves, gentles leave, please array a path for me. The woods are growing thick and fast around."

It is a gray day.

A rainy day.

And I wouldn't mind if I weren't stuck on campus all day. If I were at home curled up in my quilt then I would feel better. Maybe add a little hot chocolate in the mix. Perfect.

As it is, I am sitting at a cold, hard table with a mediocre lunch waiting for me in my damp backpack and my feet are cold and wet. I am awaiting the time for my 3 hour class to arrive and dreading it.

Things to look forward to...Watching Glee with Kirsti while skypeing in about two hours. Pot Roast Stroganoff after class. Pumpkin carving. A new episode of Supernatural. That maybe makes it worth it.

One of my favorite things in the world is discovering new and wonderful music. There is nothing I love better than purchasing a CD on a whim and then falling in love with it and listening to it over and over again.

This has happened recently with me and The Decemberists. I recently bought their 2009 album for really cheap and I am in love. Their lyrics are deep and melancholy. Their themes epic. Their songs often follow the story telling theme, which I LOVE. It makes it so much more interesting to listen to. And they fill their music with an emotion that is devoid in most musicians these days.

Okay, I will stop now.

There are so many things to do right now. Not RIGHT NOW. But before a certain time. And I just keep putting them off and do the more urgent things first. Then when I have TIME to do the things I need to, I do something else.

I wish I could say that I can't help it, but I can.

I just don't.

And now all the worrying starts. I've started telling people about how I'm leaving in January for 10 months. It makes it more real and scary. There are so many things to worry about. What if my car isn't fit to make it out there? What then? How am I going to pay for all the things that I need to, with the $200 a week that I make at work? And that amount is going to go down now that it is the slow season.

Now I find out that we are going to have to pay for the expensive flea treatment for the pets. I can't afford that every three months. I can't afford to pay all the extra money that I suddenly owe.

I hate money.

Despite all that I need to look forward to the things that I can.

It's almost Halloween. That something, right?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Just beyond the far horizon lies a waiting world unknown "

I'm doing it.

Sometime today.

That is the plan.

Going to call. Probably around 2:00. Tell that that I am coming.

Okay. Call made. A little later than I was going to do at first. But I didn't want to wake up from my nap.

How do I feel?

Excited. Pretty scared. Not sure what is going going to happen.

I get to fill out some paperwork.

I have to buy some things. Things for when I'm out there. But I'm going.

It's official.

I also have "vacation" dates. In the summer. This way if there is anyone who wants to come and say hi, they can during those dates.

And I have to be there earlier than I thought. Sunday January 3rd. That probably means that I will be spending New Years day traveling. Maybe I could spend New Years in Indiana.

I don't know. I'll figure it out.

The point is you all know now.

In January, I am going to New Hampshire for 10 months. Exactly a year from today will be my last day there.

Yes, I am planing on driving up there in my own old run-down car. No, I don't know if it will make it all the way up there.

I cannot believe how soon that is. In fact, I'm kind of freaking out about it.

There is so much I need to do, to buy, to arrange, before I get there.

But I'm doing it.

And that is that.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"That's all very well, but what are we going to do about the Italian?"

Trying out Google Chrome. Lots of people rave about it. So far it isn't horrible, but I'm not sure what is so much better than Firefox. Not that it's worse or anything. I'll give it a few days.

It's very grey outside. A bit chilly too. I just can't wait for my 3 hour class to be over with so that I can get on with my weekend. I am looking forward to not working tomorrow even if it means that I only made about $100 dollars total this week.

3 hours. Who does that?

In the class right now.

Not anymore.

I just time traveled to after class and now I am in Bob Evans, eating my heart out. I have to admit, it tastes kinda bloody. Ew.

But really I am eating wonderful food. And drinking wonderful hot chocolate. And now eating some amazing Coconut cream pie. You should all be very jealous.

And now I am home. Going to get my Supernatural on. Maybe watch an episode or two of Heroes (now that I'm caught up) before I go to bed.

Not a bad day overall. Here's hopein' the weekend is as fun as it promises to be.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Just because it's the end of the beginning doesn't mean it's the beginning of the end..."


Enjoy this random, no purpose post.

Most if not all of you readers know the story behind this weekend. So I am not going to re-relate it here.

Brief Summary: Due to needed car repairs (costing $272) and bad planning and a huge (though beautiful) cemetery and me locking my keys in my car, I ended up spending way more than I planned on this trip and didn't even get to go anywhere I planned.

So blah.

To do, or not to do?

A good question, my friends. And one of the hardest to answer.

In my dream I was in the TV show Dollhouse. I didn't want to wake up.

The guy sitting next to me smells really good.

Mother Superior jumped the gun.

I've never shot a gun in my life. I wonder if I will ever have to.

This gum is getting a little old, and my jaw hurts. But I don't want to waste another piece.

Guess what? I haven't bitten my nails in days! I haven't been counting, but they are getting longer and I am so glad that I think I might be close to breaking the habit! Yes! Now all I need to do is eat better and lose some weight.

Gotta go to class.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I have an audience with the Pope and I'm saving the world at 8..."


The interview.

It was long.

2 hours and 5 minutes to be exact. She was prompt. She called right at 2:00. I think that maybe some of my answers to her questions were too long. So maybe the length of the interview was my fault. But what is better? A short interview where the answers are brief and meaningless or a longer interview with complete and meaningful answers?

Most of the questions were things like "how would you handle this" and "What do you think the challenges and rewards are of this thing" and the like. Questions on leadership, work ethic, keeping morale in tough situations.

The result is this. She will contact me in two weeks to let me know if I got it or not.

Here are some details.

It's 10 months long. The first 4 months (winter) will be spent in groups of three working to complete lesson plans that we will teach to schools 4 days a week. Then we get 10 days of break. The 6 months following will be spent doing conservation projects. 24 days camping in the field in tents (4 days of that we are allowed to do whatever we want) and then 4 days off. Then on to another 24 day project. Thats the basics of it.

What else? I am excited for Indiana and Ohio this weekend. Unless it rains the whole time. That would make it horrible.

Sadie has been groomed. And I did in fact buy her some clothes. I told myself that I would never do that. But it's fall and it gets chilly and she it just so small. So I had to, right? As much as I hate to admit it, she does look really cute.

I am feeling less stressed about things and not so worried. Mom tells me to keep my options open, but in two weeks I will need to decide. So I am going to work on making that decision.

I just hope that when I do, it's the right one. TO be honest I really wish some of these other internships would call me. That way I would have options.

Thats all the new I have.

I am going to take a nap now because that is the best thing to do when it rains.

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Come down from your crystal fortress Strong Bad."

Oh Monday. Why do you hate me so?

Everything was going perfect. And then my car didn't start. If it had been any other Monday, Mom could have just given me a jump and everything would have been fine. But no. This particular Monday, she is filling in for a sick teacher at CIS. So I'm stuck with no other solution but to call Steven and ask him for his help. First, he had to drive all the way over and pick me up, then all the way back so we could open the locked truck and get the jumper cables. Then back home AGAIN to jump my car and finally all the way back to his place.

Steven, I am so sorry you had to deal with that. I owe you big time.

So I missed my first class and was a little late getting Sadie to her appointment at the groomers. The lady is really nice and if the cut turns out okay, I will be taking Sadie there more often.

I finished my take home test. So that is out of the way. Now I have an hour before my next class.

What to do? Blog of course.

Actually, I really don't have much else to say except to list the things that I am nervous about so that they get out there and I feel slightly less anxious about them.

1. Fathead minnow experiment-I still have to find that paper about their development so I can work out a schedule and call the fish breeder and then get this going.

2. Phone interview on Wednesday. I can't decide what I want more. To get the internship or to NOT get the internship. The more I think about it the more things there are to be worried about. Especially money.

3. Finances. I have been spending a lot of money on a lot of needed things and have not ballanced things in a while. I'm sure I'm fine...but it still makes me anxious.

4. Starting projects that are due at the end of the semester.

5. Will my car make it to Indiana this weekend? Especially with it being this cold?

6. Will I even encounter any birds this weekend with the frost coming and all that?

7. Then there is that one thing.

I think that's it right now. I feel better. Though I am wondering if this shirt is bad luck. I was going to wear one shirt and went with another and my car didn't start. If I were a suspicious person I would be burning this shirt. But it's brand new and I like no.

Enya. Love her.

Thirsty. And I forgot a water bottle because of all the hubbub this morning.

Bye now.

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