Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Previews and other things

First, because I don't have the time to waste but feel like wasting it anyway, here are a list of links to previews of the great movies coming up...

The Dark Knight (July 18, 2008)
The Happening (June 13, 2008) (bad trailer...good movie I hope)
Prince Caspian (May 16, 2008)
Star Trek (may 8, 2009...too far away!!!)
The X-Files (sorry this one is so crappy...it is sort of illegal right now) (July 25, 2008)
Inkheart (April 30, 2008)
WALL-E (June 27, 20008)

In August 2008 we have The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor...I'd see it

Second, just an update on life...not much has changed. Nothing exciting. I' still going to RHODE Island. I am quite embarrassed that I kept spelling it wrong. This week is going to be not good. Last week was wonderful and I suppose that it only makes sense that a bad week would follow. The only good thing was yesterday and now it's over.

I saw Penelope. It was quite charming. I really enjoyed it.

The weather is nice and I guess that makes things a little happier. But it's hard to be in a good mood when it's Tuesday, the worst day of the week.

I hate being poor, I hate being tired, I hate that I am getting behind in classwork, I hate that life can't ever just be good for more than a few hours at a time. I hate that I'm complaining when in reality my life is awesome and I have no reason to be so negative.

Sorry, I just really don't like Tuesdays. I am really happy to see all the birds out. It makes me smile. I really want to go camping and go to the zoo and go the shelter gardens but it's still too early in the season.

C'mon spring.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So the question I have been getting most is, "What does this internship entail?". SO I am going to tell you.

Mostly, I will be working with the endangered Piping Plover, which is an adorable shorebird that makes me giggle when they walk. I'll also be working with vegetation and invasive species removal as well as other things. Here is the description they gave me.

Position Description: Assist with biological work, including protection of the federally threatened piping plover; collect vegetative data as part of research projects; remove invasive species to restore high quality wildlife habitat; provide support to the visitor services program by conducting visitor use surveys, calibrate traffic counters, provide photo documentation of refuge activities (including primarily biological programs); assist with operational tasks including construction and maintenance of trails, and maintenance of the grounds surrounding the visitor centers.

So I am pretty excited.

To answer Stevens question about the gift certificate, I was entered for a drawing for participating in a study observing how students learn about systematics. A Grad student is doing it in my Plant Taxonomy and Systematics class. I won the drawing for $75 dollars and because I am going the extra mile and letting her interview me for two 1.5 hr sessions, I get an extra $20. So theres that.

This week is awesome.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I am going to Rode Island!!!!!!!!

Wow, I am so excited. The woman from Rode Island Wildlife Refuge Complex called me this afternoon to tell me that she would like to have me internship there!

It's from June 2nd to August 22nd. 12 weeks! That's a long time. I've never bee away from home that long. But I'm sure it will be a blast and I will learn a ton. Wow, there is so much to do. I have to tell Bob Evans that I will be out of commission for the summer. Maybe they will hire me back afterwards, maybe not. 3 whole months in a state I have never been in doing what I love to do! I can't wait! Well, I can. Now that I think about it, I am a little nervous. What if I'm not all that they expected? What if my car won't make it that long? Should I drive it all the way up there? I don't know if it's strong enough.

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I don't know what to think! I just have to say that this increases my testimony of Gods answers to prayer. I prayed last night that if it was the right thing that I would be accepted to one of the internships. I got phone call to set up an interview for a place in Idaho. It was set for Wednesday, then I got this phone call from Rode Island about 10 minutes ago. I e-mailed the other lady and told her I accepted the Rode Island one.

I'm Psyched!!

In other news, I also won a $95 gift certificate to either Best Buy or Old Navy. I'm hoping for Old Navy because I really need new cloths.

Nothing else much is happening. I might be (probably will be) moving in with Marcia and Jenna in August. I have to decide about that by March 20th.

Okay people, thats all. YAY! Sometimes good things do happen.

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