Monday, February 25, 2008

A little slow down with a dash of pre-interview butterflies

Boy do I ever have some updating to do. Here is goes folks...

First of all, midterms are over. Thank goodness for that. I think it's a good sign that the studying process is herder than the test itself. That means I studies well and hopefully did well on the exam. I found out that I got an A- on my Stat exam. I wasn't too worried about that. I hope to know about my plant class by the end of today. i have no idea when my paper for Genetics will be graded. I'm elated that I have no big things to worry about for the next couple of weeks. It's made me almost chipper today.

Secondly, my SCA application has been sent to three locations as of today. Rhode Island, New York and California. I called all three places and as luck would have it they are probably all out in the field. So I left messages. I think I would have rather got it all over with then. Now all I can do is wait. Perhaps they will all be e-mail freaks and rather e-mail me than call long distance or whatever. I am really hoping for the California just because I would be working in Lava caves. I would love to go out east or northwest. But c'mon, LAVA CAVES!! How awesome would that be? We'll see how all that goes.

Thirdly, I found out that our 35-40 year old Mexican dishwasher Fransisco me gusta me. Now I don't know how things are to Mexicans, so I don't know if "I like you" simply means "we could be good friends" or "I am interested in you". The story is, I was taking some of my dishes back to the dish tank and Aldemar, a 19 year old Mexican "bus boy" starts asking me random questions in half Spanish half English. I don't really understand and say with an innocent smile and a shrug "no abla espanol" (p.s I think it's funny that the spell check wants to make "espanol" the word lifespan or bespangle). He points to Fransisco and says, "you like?". Now that I understand I'm sure that I was blushing. I just shrugged. Then Aldemar asks "you have boyfriend?" I answer "no". He looks surprised, laughs and asks, "why!?" What do you say to that? I smile, embarrassed and shrug again. I then get out of there as fast as I can. Great, out of the people to have a crush on me, it has to be a Mexican who knows almost no English and is at least 15 years older than me if not more. *Sigh*. It's all a little bit awkward. I was afraid to take my dishes back the rest of the night.

The February weather has been getting me down lately. The skies are gray, any snow that falls melts within a day. It's a little warmer, nut not warm enough because there is little sun. I can' wait till spring.

Oscars were pretty fun last night. I loved the best picture montage which used music from Dragonheart which music that they use for about 70% of previews it seems. But thats okay because I love that movie and the soundtrack. "Bourne Ultimatum" won for all it's nominations. "Sweeny Todd" won a couple of times. "Transformers" failed to win at all which surprised me. I really didn't care about the big awards this year so good for "No Country..." for winning several awards. Anyway, on a side note, I won the Oscar poll this year which is a first.

I watched this preview last night and got really excited. I want to comment that I think it's awesome that they used music from "Children of Dune" for the first part. It made me happy.

Well, I guess thats it really. More updates will be coming on the status of the whole SCA thing soon I hope. I want to put in a tiny plug again because I know it's hard enough to get in one blog read per person. But I am starting a new story idea. The previous one in on Hiatus until I can get it back into shape. It's been having issues. I think that this new one is going well so far. I would love input. So if anyone gets a chance head over to my creative blog and check it out.

Well, I'm going to take a short nap so I don't have to worry about whether those SCA people are going to call back today or not.

Adios. Or radios if you are like the spell check on this thing...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mid-term week

Oh the wonderful week of mid-terms. Where does the time go?

My water is delicious. Strawberry banana protein/fiber infused H2O. Yummy.

I have too much to do this week and not enough motivation to do it. I sure picked the week to start closing on Tuesdays. More money, less time. I have to be the "caretaker" of some regulars that some every Tuesday and Friday. June(wife) and Jean(husband). They are both very nice, but June is one of those people who will talk to you for 1/2 an hour. She needs no encouragement, She'll just keep going and you have to make up and excuse to leave that doesn't sound too rude. Oh that will be fun.

There is this guy sitting across from me in the Comp. lab. He looks like he got 1 hour of sleep last night. I always feel bad for the people who are like this the week of mid-terms. He keeps looking at maybe he's embarrassed that he laid his head down for 10 minutes. I don't blame him. I really should be doing productive things. But I am so bad at the motivation thing. I have 2/3 of 1/3 of a paper done. Meaning that I have 1.5 pages of a 6 page paper done. Thats not much, but I'm getting there.

I saw "Annie" last night and it was really good. My only issue was Mrs. Hannigan being a little flat and Annie looking frightening at the end. Her straight red hair was now under a horrible red fro wig that was supposed to look more like the original Annie. It was actually quite horrific.

I don't know when or if I am going to get a response concerning this internship. I assume that after a few weeks I'll have some sort of info. It's only been 4 days. I'm just antsy.

Thats about it. I just wanted do a little update as if my life were all that interesting.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

12:56 am

It is quite late (or early depending on how you look at it) and I really should be in bed. But I feel it is my obligation to expel some emotions. Otherwise I may be up much longer contemplating them.

First of all, I am still struggling to manage kind thoughts towards a co-worker of mine. I find it an immense struggle to contain the urge to knock her upside the head several times a night. Her usual complaining and inability to do her job the way she should made tonight rather unhappy. I don't mean to say that she is never an agreeable person or that she is a terrible server. On the contrary. She can be quite nice and helpful when the day puts her in a cheerful disposition. And she is great with the customers. I just feel that she complains far too much about the work she has to do and about the people she has to work with as if she deserved better and she were the only server with these problems. We all have to deal with our feather-brained friday/saturday night manager. We all have to deal with being double sat and feeling like we have too much to so and not enough hands to do it all. We all have to listen to the grill cook complain. Griping about it is not going to make things any better and it tends to make everybody cranky.

Plus theres the fact that she complains about work not getting done by the morning people, but she leaves things undone when she closes.

I am going to stop my rant now because my goal is to stop thinking ill of her.

I just finished watching "Becoming Jane" for the second time. First of all, it is a wonderful movie that all Jane Austen lovers should see. Secondly, if you have not seen it then the following may ruin the ending. Proceed with caution.

I think that it is even more tragic the second time around because you know what is coming. I cried for the last twenty minutes because I knew that they would not be together and I knew how heartbreaking it would be in the end when they saw each other again. I couldn't contain myself when he introduces his daughter. I can't even imagine how it must feel to lose the person you love most in the world, no matter the reason. But I cant help comparing this story somewhat to the books I have been re-reading: "Twilight" and "New Moon". If you have not read these and plan to, the following may also ruin these as well.

I agree with Kirsti in that no matter how handsome and dashing and perfect and adoring Edward is, he is not good for Bella. I know that she thinks that he is and that he loves her unconditionally. But the thing is, he is her drug. Bella got it wrong when she called Jacob her drug from her sadness. Edward is like an addiction. Jacob is real. Jacob is what heals Bella and no matter how much she loves Edward, she would be much better off being with Jacob.

With Jacob she has no reason to changer herself. She could be human. She could have children. She knows she can be happy with him just like people who are trying to quite an addiction know how much happier they can be without the drug. They just don't want to try hard enough and give up that which they crave.

I know I got a little off track, I just wanted to get some thoughts out of my head. I am going to bed now since it is now a quarter after 1:00 in the morning. And I no longer have 2:00 church. It's at 10:00 now.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day 2008 style

Actually, to tell the truth, this valentines day wont have much more style than the 2007 brand. I didn't even get an entry in last V-Day. I did mention it in passing two days later. I wonder if I will ever think of this holiday as more than a normal day with just a bit more pink and red than usual. It's funny to think that last semester this time I was suffering through one of the hardest classes of my life. ORNITHOLOGY. I have two classmates that are taking it this year. I told them that it's a good class but challenging and EARLY. I can't believe that I ever had a 7:00 class. I also can't believe that all through high school I would wake up at 4:30 to be at Lucy's Cafe at 5:00am every Friday. I must have been mental. Still, at least there was some sort of motivation on those days unlike with Ornithology.

Maybe thats what I need in the mornings. Something to motivate me. I guess the promise of a new day is not enough. Oh well.

Class was amazingly fun today. The more I sit through this plant class, the more I enjoy it. We actually so things in class. He doesn't lecture...very often that is. Most of the time we are actively participating in the discussion. We often work in groups on little in class assignments. I love classes like this. As much as I like classes where the teacher rams power points down our throats and all I have to do is copy down a few words, I really don't learn as much that way. I do best in classes where there is some sort of hands on aspect. Thats why I loved English 1000 so much. And AP Lit.

Anyway, I really don't have much more to say except that work has been picking up and that makes me happy. Last night I made almost as much as I would have on a normal Saturday. And I am the new Tuesday closer. That makes me happy and sad at the same time. I don't get the free time I had on Tuesdays, but I am getting the more hours that I asked for.

Okay, I have to go write a resume now. This is something I haven't done since I learned ho to do it in 7th grade. Actually I think I had to do one in 8th grade also. It's for this internship and the application is due tomorrow so it has to be done thoday. I am sending the application vis e-mail today! no exceptions. Going now.

Happy Valentines Day everybody. Notice that I didn't call it singles awareness day this year.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had a pretty unpleasant morning today. It's my own fault. I like things to follow a pattern and when that pattern gets thrown off I have a tendency to get a little irritable. It's on thing that I don't like about myself. Class this morning didn't make things better.

I am feeling happy now, however. I love sitting in the computer lab and updating my life and finding out how my family and friends are doing. I love the warmth of the room and the feeling of typing. It makes me happy.

What makes me happiest right now is the snow. I love nothing more on a cold and gray winter day than seeing fat white flakes falling from the dull sky. Last night was all drizzle and freezing rain and muck. No fun at all. Winter is not worth it without the snow. So when I walked from my class to the computer I had a smile on my face. The unpredicted precip. has made my day.

So I am in the process of applying for an internship for a non-profit organization called the Student Conservation Association. They provide all expenses paid opportunities all over the country. You fill out an application and they find the best internship to fit what qualifications you have. It would be an all summer thing and may even go into the first week of fall classes. I am really excited about this and I hope that I get accepted somewhere. I'll take anywhere but I am really hoping for the northwest or the northeast. I really want to go somewhere north. Though I wouldn't mind Utah, Colorado or Arizona. Anyway, I have to be applied by Friday. I'm just waiting on references to confirm it's okay that I use them. This would be a wonderful oppritunity to get some experience in my field since I can't afford study abroad. It would be the longest time I have spent away from home and that is something I really need to experience right now I think. Be praying for me.

Other than that I don't have much to report. Classes are moving along. Midterms are next week. I have a 6pg paper due in two weeks. Valentines day is in two days and I have no one to share it with as usual. I m okay with that at the moment. But that does always take the glamor off of the holiday.

I'm hungry because I forgot my lunch at home :(

Stupid bad morning. Everything was off.

That's fine. Today is a good day. I am determined.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The following takes place between 11:02 and 11:05 am on the day of the Missouri Presidential Primary.

Events occur in real time.

Sorry if you don't get the reference. I know at least Steve and Elise will fully appreciate it.

Speaking of references...this is quite hilarious.

Why does all my food taste like finger nail polish right now? The apples, the ranch dressing...what is wrong with me?

Man, I really want to watch 24 season 6 right now. But it's 4 bucks a disc to rent...and I have no time!!! Tee-hee. I need to stop. Okay. heres the ticker.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Spring into February

I know it's irrational weather and it's not supposed to be this way. But I can't help but love it.

Outside, flashes of electricity tear paths across the darkness. It's 8:30 on February 4th and there are storms brewing to the north and east. Lightning always makes me feel a little reckless and irrational. I wanted to spend the whole night driving around town with the windows down. I wanted to go fast.

I had to content myself with the 5 minutes to the food bank and then back home again. I did spend sometime in the front yard watching the sky. The air was filled with the delicious smells of rain and warmth. I love winter and I know that it's still too early for warm weather. But it is nice to have these little windows into spring. Tomorrow it will be gone. A mix of snow and rain is coming. The snow we had on Thursday was not nearly enough and lasted only a few days before the sun and Sundays storms washed it all away.

As much as I love this season, I am really looking forward to the cool breezes. To waking up to the sound of birds (Ornithology has given me this irrational desire to go bird watching when it gets warm). I long for the smells of growing things. And most of all I yearn for the storms. For soothing rumbles and exhilarating crashes. For forks of electricity to dazzle me. I got a small taste of all this tonight and it leave me wanting more.

Oh well, now to work. I've spent the last few days spending a lot of my free time sleeping. It's good for me. Gives my body a chance to recuperate. But I can't let myself get behind in my readings. And I have two quizzes in my hardest class on Thursday.

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