Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 6 on Day 6 (Part 1 of 2)

Honestly, today was kind of a dud. Temperatures are in the high 40's and it's been RAINY.

The kind of rain that gets to your core. Makes you tired. The only cure is a hot beverage, a warm quilt, and a movie or a good book.

Instead, we took a trip to the Mt. Kearsarge Indian* Museum. We were going to HIKE Mt. Kearsarge, but the rain put a halt to that plan. So instead we wandered aimlessly through the exhibits. We couldn't even hike the cool medicine trail. There were some really neat artifacts, but since there were too many of us to have the guided tour it was not as fantastic as it had potential to be.

Then, everyone besides me and Z (we opted out of the tedious conversation and sat in the van keeping warm) decided to debate either going to a corn maze or going to see a movie at a theater much like Rag Tag. Somehow, despite the rain and the cold and that 2/3's of the group wanted to see a movie we ended up going to the corn maze. Don't get me wrong. I love a corn maze as much as the next person and probably more. But in this weather? No thank you. It was decided that the decision would be made by group consensus. Really, how is that ever a good idea with this group**? One side ends up getting bullied into submission. Whatever. We got ice cream and it was good but then I opted out of getting hypothermia and sat in the barn drinking hot apple cider and feeling tired. It didn't help that we got lost on the way.

Any, enough about the drab day. We get PIZZA soon.

So, many of you have questions about the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC***)and I finally have a little time to answer them.

1. This position starts January 3rd and ends November 12th.

2. I get "paid" $500 every two weeks. A WHOLE lot better than the $138 I get every two weeks here.

3. Things will still be tight because housing is NOT provided. I have to secure my own place to live. This does have one advantage. I can try hard to look for a place that accepts small dogs.

4. I am allowed to get another part time job to supplement my income if I need to-just as long as it doesn't interfere with my MCC work.

5. I don't know about time off.

6. This IS another Americorps position. It is not a full time job. It is, in fact, another internship. But it is another step on the way to becoming the worlds greatest Environmental Educator.

7. Here is what they give as a description.

The MCC Environmental Educator will employ his/her knowledge, skill, and experience to provide professional coordination of the education program at Merryspring Nature Center. This work covers a broad range of activities including planning, program development, scheduling, teaching, writing publicity, materials management, grant writing, budgeting, record keeping, and interaction with the public.

Typical tasks within the project include:

· work with the supervisor to develop and implement:

· Goals for the various components of Merryspring’s educational programs, publications, collections, and merchandise

· Capital budgets for MNC educational equipment, material, and spatial needs

· Educational funding sources

· An annual educational schedule including year-round, age-appropriate programming for children and school groups as well as weekly educational programs, lectures, classes, and workshops for adults

· Education-related publicity

· A volunteer corps to assist in educational programming

8. I AM coming home for the rest of October and I will stay home for November and December. Just in time for the HOLIDAYS!

9. I will be attending the Rockland Branch in Rockland, Maine. I've never been in a branch before. Hm.

10. Yes, you may all come and visit me. I encourage and welcome it.

If you have further questions, you can call me and we can talk, you can ask them here and they will be addressed in the next entry, or you can just WAIT because I am going to be home in less than a week.

Am I excited? Of course! And a little sad because I have to cram all my quality family and friend time into only two months. And, even though it is time for me to move on from this New Hampshire experience, I will really miss several of the people here. But I still have 6 days, so the major reflection blog is not going to happen now.

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support and advice.

*That's what it is officially called, so NO**** I am not being offensive in saying it.

**These people, though intelligent, are all so overly opinionated that it's like in The Office trying to decide if Hilary Swank is hot. It never works.

***Remember this abbreviation because I am using it from now on.

****Don't you just love my extensive use of capital letters? I do. At least I cut down on the parentheses.

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