Thursday, January 31, 2008

Near Weeks End

It's Thursday and what a Thursday it is. Not my favorite day of the week usually. I have a headache and this is the second week that I have had to park at the institute because Dad had to use the hang tag. That means 5 more minutes of walking to my class.

But there's not much that can ruin my day. Not my two hour lab this afternoon. Not the homework that I should be doing right now instead of blogging. Not even the two quizzes that I have tomorrow, the quiz on Monday or the two more quizzes Next Tuesday.

Know why? Know why? Because I distinctly remember putting a hat on top of my head. Look at your short little arms. You could never reach.

Sorry. I had a visit from the Willy Wonka bug.

Anyway, I have my reasons and they are three. Lost. Supernatural. Snow.

Yes. After a hiatus that seemed far to long, to of my favorite shows are coming out with new episodes. And it is predicted that we will have 2-3 inches of snow. That can actually be an unhappy thing. Bob Evans tends to be dead when we have snow. The elderly don't like to venture out in the winter weather I guess.

I made better money last night than I have on a Wednesday in months. I'm not sure why but it made me happy. So if I don't make all that much tonight it's not a crisis. And if we are dead enough I may be able to get off early enough to catch my shows. And it's a new Psych tomorrow. What more could I ask for?

I do have a tiny angry thing to mention about last night. I was making awesome tips until my very last table. 6 people. two parents and 4 teenagers about 16 or 17. Very nice and polite. Always saying please and thank you. They were my only table so I was able to devote my full attention to them. And I later discovered that the mother of the family was a waitress at one point in her life. They ate their food in pretty good time and all. But it was after that they decided to spend 20 minutes looking through our teeny tiny corner shop. Who do they think we are, Cracker Barrel? Anyway, they took forever, finally left and guess what I found on the table?

$3. Their ticket ended up being $68. Which means that from a former waitress, for good service and hot food fast, I got a 4% tip. I was quite upset. But you got to learn to let these things go. And now can.

Okay, I really need to get to work on my homework.

Happy Thursday.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A great man will be missed

President Hinckley is the only prophet that I remember. He will be missed. But it's wonderful that he if back home again and with the woman that he loved. We are all so blessed by the time that this wonderful man was able to give us.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day Three

Woah! I'm gettin' to posting now. It's just that I have all this time between my plant lecture and the lab. What else am I going to do once I've done all my homework? It just means that everyone will be nicely updated on my boring life.

So it's day three of Winter 2008 classes. And I have decided that I have already spent more time laughing in the last three days than I have any other semester. Three out of my four professors are Hi-lair-i-ous! And that makes me happy. I think that with classes like these if all my teachers were dull, I would be quite unhappy.

One's absent minded and likes to do little dances in class (he's 60). One likes to laugh at his own jokes and then forget what he's laughing about. He will also spend much of the class teasing and picking on the students. But we cant complain because he told us he would do this in the syllabus. And then theres my Plant Syst. professor who is just goofy.

My Stat. prof. is pretty uninteresting. But then it seems to me that as a rule, math teachers have to be somewhat boring. Okay not true. I had great 6th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade math teachers. My 10th grade math teacher was only fun because he had no idea what he was doing and told bad jokes. I've had no fun math teachers in college.

I'm feeling good about the semester so far. I think I can do well in all these classes if I stick to it and try hard.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh the first day of classes. The smell of newly printed Syllabuses...syllabusae? The awkwardness of not knowing people in your class...believe it or not this was not an issue for my first class. I knew at least two people. The warmth of the Memorial Union computer lab and the hunger of not having a proper lunch. Hmm...I'm going to have to make better lunch plans.

And then there is the feeling you get after the first class. The thought of "what the heck did I just get myself into?" I have a feeling that most of my classes will be that way. *Sigh*.

In my dream last night, the song "Hey Jude" kept popping up. At first there were a bunch of weird drawn animals singing it on a mountain. Then it was stuck in my head for the rest of the dream. I woke up with the desire to sing it.

Every time I go into a biology oriented class, I feel like I am going to fail at life because I am not planning on grad school at this point...or a Phd. Does that make me a loser? I have some new ideas for careers that involves getting a minor in something. But I feel like it's a bit late for that. Blah!!

I wish I could say that I LOVE college. I don't hate it. But it's forcing me to grow up and that scares me. What also scares me is that I don't have a set plan for where I want to be 5 years from now. Several other people in the class have the same problem. But I hear about all these people who are going to travel and do research and have set careers in 5 years. I have no idea!


Truthfully I would like to be married. I want to have a simple job...working at a zoo or for a state park. Something like that. But who knows if that how I feel in a year or so.

Why cant life be easy?

Am I lame because I am clicking the scroll button to the rhythm(that is such a weird spelled word) of the song I am listening to?

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