Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 14

And how here is this. Sarah Lambson's sure fire 10 step process to exhausting yourself.

Step 1. Spend 2 hours putting up storm windows
Step 2. Right from that go on and hour hike looking for Indian cucumber room and get hands dirty from digging it all up (also find 50 partridge berries)
Step 3. Immediately after that scarf down lunch and head to a tiny town in New Hampshire called New Boston. Get a little lost on the way.
Step 4. Proceed to present for an hour and 1/2 to 35 children 2nd-5th grade. They won't really listen to you, but that's okay. Just keep clapping.
Step 5. Go directly to jail...I mean home. Do not pass go and something about $200. You know the drill.
Step 6. Just pick up the bin for your next program, look up directions, and go. You're almost late!
Step 7. Present a program to 22 cub scouts. These boys are wired! So be prepared.
Step 8. Go to institute and try to focus on what is being taught.
Step 9. Drive home and blog about it.
Step 10. Fall asleep thinking about how you have no time left and you're interview tomorrow.

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