Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 3

I got this entry in on the day I meant to get it in!


This is most exciting thing to happen to me all day!

Literally. And figuratively.

The best I can say about this particular Monday is that I got to sleep in. Oh, and French toast. What makes it French? Is it the spices?

Anyway, it's been dull and tedious cleaning and organizing today. A lot of searching for the right places to put things.

By the way, this orange is one of the worst oranges I have ever eaten. Too bad it's not orange season. I've been missing the Vitamin C.

There was a lot of stuffing of things into a first aid kit. Remember that scene in Apollo 13 where they dump all the supplies that the crew has in front of the staff on the ground and say "You have to get that into that using nothing but THAT"? THAT'S what I felt like. Trying to stuff all this stuff into a small space.

Then there was the washing. Bins and bags and plastic cups.

And for dinner? Curry. Bleh. And so here I am. Eating a gross orange (I might as well have eaten the curry) and goldfish. I'm watching The Pretender. I might have a good night. Just me, Jess, Will, and Z sitting in Edison, watching the fire, talking, maybe watching a horror movie.

I hope it happens. It would be a good ending to a dismal day.

Our time is running out. And the days couldn't be going any slower.

So, how was YOUR Monday?

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