Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 7 on Day 6

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm SORRY that I didn't post another annoying countdown post last night. We got back from a horrible and grueling day of work last night at about 10:00pm. We were all dirty and aching.

I mean, it's really hard work walking from one side of a small boat to the other and craning your neck while trying to see dolphins and whales. You can't imagine the effort that's involved in slowly strolling the streets of Gloucester Massachusetts sipping a hot chocolate and getting free books and pottery. And don't get me started on the stress of sitting down in a nice restaurant and eating a bunch of delicious sea food for free.

It was a rough day.

*Hehe, I think I fooled everyone. Now they will feel sorry for me and shower my with sympathy.*

Oh, uh...hi, family readers on the internet. You heard that? Oh...well, you weren't supposed to. *Awkward...*

Well, you caught me.

Yesterday was the first day of the SCA NH corps' 3 day recreational trip. Day 1 was Whale Watching, strolling through the cute town on Gloucester MA, and then eating dinner at a nice seafood restaurant called Gloucester House. The food was served catered buffet style but the servers were always there to pre-bus the dishes and fill glasses and such. The food was AMAZING. Baked haddock, seafood mac and cheese, calamari, etc. And for dessert, guess what we had? Rice pudding, well they called it grape nut custard and it didn't have the rice, but otherwise it was the same thing and it was delicious. Whale watching was pretty awesome. Who doesn't love the ocean? We got to see one of the whales slapping the water with it's fins. No breaching, though, as it is pretty rare. It was so much fun!

In other important news, I finally e-mailed Ray with the Merryspring Nature Center in Camden Maine. I accept. That's all I said.

No, no really. I apologized for my late response and told him how excited I was to have this opportunity. I told the program coordinator for the MCC that I accepted the position. And then I sat there for a moment, feeling excited and a little anxious for what I just did.

Another 10 months on the East Coast. Another 10 months away from my wonderful family. Another 10 months of wonderful and valuable experiences.

Is anyone interested in what I am going to be doing?

Maybe, maybe not. Sadly, I don't have time this morning. And I may or may not be too tired tonight. So you will just have to wait with bated breath.

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Tamara said...

YEAH for you!!! That is REALLY exciting news, girl! So, does this mean you get to come home for a SMALL break? When does your new job start, exactly? Are you gonna get more money? I hope your car makes it through another brutal winter up there.....

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