Monday, August 31, 2009

"Hungry...I hope there's pudding..."

Guess who decided to call the landlord and have him send HER the check instead of having him send it to ME?

No you don't get to guess.

But I am also not going to tell you.

Oh. My. Gosh. What is she WEARING! I can't stop glancing quickly at the girl next to me. Wow.

So she later informed me that she only intended for the landlord to send her the portion that was HERS because she thought I wasn't going to send her anything even though I assured her I would. I am not sure how true this is. Oh well. she told me I would get my portion.


The second week of classes. Nothing special. I'm just trying to get into my pattern. Some homework done. 1 quiz taken. Some notes transcribed. Nothing consistent. This means I need to try harder.

I work a double this weekend. I realize now that working doubles on weekends won't be as fun because I have classes to worry about.

I am so hungry. Thank goodness I remembered to pack a bit of food. Yum.

I am feeling many things these days.

Hopeful towards the coming semester.

Frustrated at work because they are not cooperating.

Worried about what is going to happen after I graduate.

Excited about all the new people in the University Ward and making new friends.

A little sad that I really have no social life (not to make an awkward "my life is sad" statement bit it's true)

Missing my Music, Movie, TV, Work, Life buddy Kirsten. You are just so far away!

Anxious about money.

Ecstatic about the beautiful weather.

Sympathetic to all those suffering through difficult trials.

Wanting to rip my hair out over this stupid flea thing.

Oh! I got yet another Beta fish. His name it Moist. Those of you who get this reference get a free candy bar the next time I see you.

It is the middle of the week. My two favorite days are approaching. They are in sight. I hope everyone else survives the week okay.

End Transmission.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Note to readers, this entry was started on Thursday and I finally finished it.

My computer is dusty. I need to clean it. Not now.

This is not the most comfortable seat. But it has an outlet. So I can sit here are charge my computer.

Also watch a movie.

As excited as I am for my cemeteries class, I hope that it does not last the whole 2 hours and 45 minutes. Just this once. If we go out into the field today, it will surely last that long. If not, I hope that it is all the introductory junk I've had to go through all week. Just because I am feeling a little lazy today.

I am watching Knowing on a very tiny screen while I type. This is mainly for the consideration of those around me. This way, me watching a movie on a larger screen wont distract those who are trying to study or do other things. I feel like I am being considerate.

Nicolas Cages hair is so horrible.

I was using StumbleUpon and it sent me to this site

I started laughing silently.

What are the odds?

So I was on this random website and it had a list of things to blog about. Most of them were about social media and technology and such. But there was one that I thought was interesting.

Books I Want To Write

Now you all know that I have several stories floating around in my head. If you visit my other blog you might be aware that none of these have gotten very far.

Well, here is a list. A list of the books I would LOVE to write and create. Maybe someday they will be a reality.

1. Spero-Spero is the Latin word for Hope. It is one of the major themes of the story. I It is the story of a America after a cataclysmic event. As of right now, that event is destructive seismic events in Yellowstone National park. The short of it is, all of the country is effected. Much of the land around Yellowstone is destroyed. Much of the land surrounding is rendered useless and desolate due to ash clouds and the like. IN disasters such as these, there are going to be survivors looking for a new place to live. So those cities and town unaffected are now overrun. The government quickly used all military personnel that they could to control things. After all the survivors are accounted for, a wall is built to separate the destructed portion of the country. There is minimal usable farm land and oil land left. Those who now own these lands are the the richest people in the country. Everyone else lives mostly in poverty. The story centers around the life of one girl in particular. Her name is Keera

2. Bus Stories-I think that many of you have heard of this story idea. This one was going well and then I realized that although the idea was good, the stuff coming out of my brain was mediocre. A woman loses her husband and unborn child in a car accident. It leaver her torn and half the person she used to be. There almost seems to be two different version of herself. The one that wants to give up life and the one that wants to continue it. Seven years later, she is involved in another car accident. She injures her head and her consciousness is in a constant state of flux. She keeps going from a world where she is on a bus with a collection of people who saved her after her accident and a world where she is in a hospital with her family and the man who caused the accident looking after her. It becomes impossible for her to determine which world is reality and in the end she has to make a choice hoping that she chooses the life she can really live.

3. Cancer Cafe-The Thrasher Doobian Files. (The following is taken from my other blog). A collection of short stories. All about a human who works at The Cancer Cafe as a cook and moonlights as something. I haven't decided yet. Perhaps a private detective. Or maybe a bounty hunter. Or both. The point is, You'd be surprised at how much information can be gleaned from the customers at a restaurant like The Cancer Cafe.

Thrasher is a tall and fairly gangly man (but don't let that fool you. He fights like rabid ferret protecting its territory. But don't think that he LOOKS like a ferret. It was just a personality comparison). He has bright red hair and blue eyes. More often than not clean shaven, though he did sport a good looking goatee years ago when he
was still on the intergalactic police force. Yeah, he used to be a cop. But there was an incident. He was on an undercover case with three other officers trying to take down one of the biggest drug cartels in the Milky Way galaxy. According to his account, he got cocky and careless. Long story short, the bust was a failure and the other three officers lost their lives. Because of this and other PLANTED evidence, Doobian was wrongly accused of working with the cartel and kicked off the force. He was shamed into hiding from all he knew and moved out of the Milky Way and eventually ended up working at The Cancer Cafe.

Through chance he had the opportunity to keep some of his detective skills sharpened. He couldn't help it. Those cases were begging to be solved. And you hear a lot about shady dealings in a place like The Cancer Cafe. Doobian solved a few of these cases and found that it helped him cope. Now, through word of mouth, you can hear of the amazing skills of Thrasher Doobian and call upon him if you want a case solved under the radar or just don't trust the proper authorities.

In an attempt to stick it to those who ruined his life, Doobian also works as a small transporter. Smuggler is another term for it. Small things. Nothing huge. And all very hush, hush. He found he was good at it since he intimately knows the inner working of the intergalactic police. He was able to transport things quite easily. This was his petty and self pitying revenge. But it brought in extra cash.

Thrasher Doobian has enough money to live pretty, but instead spends a lot of it on high tech equipment to make his dealings easier. The rest he saves up for a time he will leave and go some place far away where he never has to hear about the intergalactic police again and where no one knows his name.

This was the general idea might change a little bit.

4. Untitled-There was a story idea that I started a while ago. It involved a creation story of the world. When earth was created, there were two other worlds also created. Alternated worlds. These worlds were overseen by three siblings. Two of these siblings were selfish and hungry for power. So their worlds were taken away from them and given to the third sibling. He was to watch over all three worlds. In a number of years, the two other siblings would be granted freedom and allowed to try and gain power over their worlds again. If they succeeded they could keep their freedom and rule their worlds as they would. If they failed, they would be forever imprisoned.

5. Some kind of realistic fiction story. Not sure what about yet.

There are many more. Sometimes I read old scratchings of stories from years ago and wonder what happened? Why did I stop? I want to continue. Others, I laugh at because they are so comical or so stereotypical.

Anyway, there you have it. If any of you are writers (and I know many of you are) I would LOVE to hear about your story ideas. What tales do you wish to tell?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who Remembers Yanni?

Did you know that he came out with a new CD this year? Yanni Vioces.

It may be new age and you can sneer if you want, but he's got some nice relaxing themes.


I just need to say that the log in background for the university this fall is horrible. It is a lovely fall scene. It wouldn't be so bad except for the tiger that has been to obviously photo-shopped in. He looks really awkward and lost amongst all the fall colors.

Poor tiger.

Where is my flash drive? I can't remember and that makes me sad because it had a lot of important things on it. Note to self, look for flash drive.

On this, the third day of classes, I have discovered the following.

-Behavioral biology and Behavioral Ecology may in fact be the same class with different teachers and different names. I may end up dropping one to save myself the frustration. On the other hand, if I decided that grad school is what I want to do, I would get my masters in Behavioral Biology.

-Dr. Nilon who teaches Human Dimensions talks really, really fast. I had him several semesters ago and I forgot just HOW fast he talks. Sometimes it sounds like someone pressed a fast forward button on his voice. You have to listen really hard to get what he's talking about because he remembers everyone's name and calls on students randomly to answer questions. At least I won't be able to fall asleep because I am trying so hard to catch the fast-balls flying out of his mouth.

-Biometrics will be just as boring as I thought since it is a pre-requisite for Animal Population dynamics which I took last semester. Class today was going over how to create and format a table and figure. I spent hours and HOURS formatting figures and tables for our project in Practicum last semester. So I think I have that down.

-I really don't want to go to Behavioral Ecology. If I were to choose, I would drop that one. No offense, but I REALLY don't prefer Dr. Morris. Plus, I wasn't able to purchase the textbook yesterday and that makes me unhappy. Maybe it's a sign.

-It is so funny to have teachers teach computer techniques to students who are more computer literate than they.

Those are my conclusions. I can't wait to see how interesting or not interesting my Geography of Cemeteries class is.

Bob Evans has some new pasta dishes and one of them is Pot Roast Stroganoff. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted.

Juli, I can't find this NCIS trailer. Oh well.

I have recently been frustrated that my iPod wont hold the capacity it is supposed to. This has forced me to be more choosy about the music I put on it. I am no longer annoyed because I no longer skip over song after song because all the songs are ones I love and would listen to over and over again.

I didn't exercise today and I don't know if it was a good choice or bad. I got 8 hours of sleep. If I had exercised I would have gotten 7. I can survive off of 7, but isn't it healthier to get 8? So would I be healthier exercising or getting 1 more hour of sleep?

It is a dilemma.

I am finally going to bite the bullet and pay to have Sadie groomed. Hopefully this will happen soon.

I am however excited to get off the computer soon and go read The Road (which is actually EW's top book right now according to the bookmark they sent me in the mail the other day.).

I am reading an article about cemeteries and necrogeography. It is actually very interesting. It's true that you can discover a lot about the cultural make-up of a region from it's graveyards. Huh. Maybe this class will be good.

I can't tell you enough how much I love Slumdog Millionaire. I also love the soundtrack. Check it out. I think you will love it too.

The Allen and Craig Show.

I go to watch it. Then I go to read. Then class. Then home. To so some things. I am really hoping that The Ptetender 2000/ Island of the Haunted comes today.


Monday, August 24, 2009



Listen, discover, love.

Welcome back students. You may or may not find knowledge in your pursuits.

Thank goodness it is a beautiful day.

So lets see. Tuesday-5 hours, Wednesday-4.5 hours, Friday-5 hours, Saturday-8 hours. Give or take. That is a total of 22.5. Hm. I wonder if it will be enough. Because I am really thinking of not working on Mondays anymore since I am not closing. Then I could go to FHE. I miss FHE. That would also mean 3 days off. I don't know if I like that idea.

Sorry. I was just thinking about work. And I decided that I needed to think about it out loud in writing. Hm. That doesn't make much sense, does it?

Really, I am just killing time between this class and the next. I still have an hour. I was going to read, but I guess the prospect of going to the A&S computer lab like old times was far too inviting.

"Controlling my feelings far too long."


Listen, discover, love.

Funnily enough, Newborn is both Muse and Elbow. Now THAT would be a tour to die for. I already missed the Coldplay/Elbow tour because I had no idea. I will forever shoot myself in the foot for that.

So. Are you wondering what I thought of my first class? Becuase I am.

Dr. Nilon is, well. He is not one of my favorites. He is nice enough, sure. He talks too fast. He tends to de-rail. (Boy, I remember those world history classes with Mrs. (or was it miss?) Jones). He is not all that interesting either. But my classmates might just make it worth it. Welcome back Joe. Molly. Daniel. The first thing I hear as I walk into the class is "Uh-oh" from Joe.

He let us out early. I don't forsee this class being horribly difficult. Just a lot of reading.

Not in the mood for Death Cab For Cutie right now.

I think I will do some other things.

Be prepared for more posts. It is an eventful week.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Life = Average

If you have not been to you need to go there right now.

Stop reading.

I mean it.

Go there.

Then come back.

Or not.

First of all, I am feeling much better after my doldrums a couple days ago. I am still frustrated, but I will not let it ruin my last week before classes. I am hoping to never hear from her again, but I am pretty sure that my hopes will be fruitless.

I am happy to report that I have have NOTHING exciting to report.

I have spent most of the day watching the BBC pride and prejudice. How I love it.

My room is now starting to feel lived in again.

While you are reading the mundane and hilarious stories on, go check out Pride and Prejudice and Zombies from the library. In fact, just go and buy it. You will not regret it.

I am of course not speaking to those of you who dislike Jane Austen. Don't even bother. You don't deserve to read so clever a book.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As it turns out, everyone was right.

So we weren't friends, eh? What were all those times that we sat together and laughed about random things? What about when we would talk together about things we wouldn't talk about to others? Isn't that confiding?

Don't get me wrong. I really never needed your friendship. But it is nice to know that you never considered us friends.

Enough already!

Get over yourself!

I fee like a complete idiot because of the things I said. I have already told you that.

I'm glad that you only ever considered us mutual acquaintances. That makes this a lot easier. I thought that MAYBE I should be a little careful about what I said to you because we had some sort of friendship between us.

So here is what I WANT to say.

I should never have trusted you from the start. My whole family said that I should NOT move in with you. I should have listened to them. They were right. You are over-dramatic, manipulative, and horrid. You delight in saying things that hurt others feelings. You are a constant one-upper. You always insist on having the last word. You cheat people out of their money. You are very good at making others think that they are in the wrong when in a bad situation created by you. I can hardly stand you.

I am not a dishonest person. I did not try to take your money in any malicious way. You are getting your way so just leave me alone!

Now that I have vented I will admit that I feel a measure of sympathy for you because of your hard situation. But that is all.

Thank goodness I did not put this in an e-mail and send it to you. I think I would have regretted it.


Sorry to those of you who had to read this. It is not a pretty side of me. There are many more things that I would like to say to the person that these words are aimed at but I think I should stop there.

Some horrible part of me wishes that she came to thins blog and read all that was said previous. But really, all I want it to never hear from her again.

Okay. This has been my life for the last couple days. It is funny that the first e-mail in the horrible thread between us ended in a smiley face. Ha.

Oh, and guess what? I am no longer taking Russian History. I am taking Geography of Cemeteries. I am excited.

Also, my car stereo got stolen for those of you who don't know.

What else?

Um, there is an unexplained $600 surplus in my checking account. I am so bad about crosschecking my record keeping with the statements the bank sends that I have over a years worth of crosschecking to do. With incomplete records. I got some of it done, but I don't want to continue because it seems pointless since I am missing some crucial information. I will not continue until I have online banking which I am working on.

I feel so unproductive today. And yet, I am going to take a nap.

Blah. How do I get rid of this awful feeling of emptiness that I have today? Sleep will not rid me of it, and yet I have no desire to do anything productive.

Hello again everyone. Glad to have me back in the blog world? (Sarcastic scoff)

Oh, life. How you torture sometimes.

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