Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dead Duck

I feel that the events of yesterday deserve an entry. I was shocked to discover that in my Ornithology lab we would be dissecting a duck. I must have missed out on something in High or Jr. High School because I have never in my life cut up anything. The closest I got was watching a vet do surgery on animals when I job shadowed. So I was a little uncomfortable at first. It was such a pretty dead duck.

We had to start by pulling the feathers off it's torso. I didn't help here. I have a problem with touching dead animals. I watched as one of the girls in my group cut into it starting from the neck and going down to the tail. The worst part was breaking the ribs. As she and the lab T.A. continued I watched in fascination more than disgust as we saw the Trachea, the heart, and all the air sacs. We saw all the anatomy except it seemed that our duck had no pancreas or kidneys. I didn't do much cutting until after the girl in my group decided that her hands were bloody enough. Then I forgot my discomfort and fear of the dead bird and began to hack into it's throat to see if I could find larynx.

It was an amazing experience...does that make me a sick person?

Monday, January 29, 2007

In Prep...

I found this and thought it was wonderfully witty. Something lighthearted before this weeks episode...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What?!?!?(24 SPOILER!! for those of you not with it)

Jack + Graham
=Both Bauers?

Okay, so whats going on here? First we find out that Jack actually has a father and was not, in fact, created from a supernova. Then we think daddy Bauer (aka Phil) may be in league with the terrorists. To top it all off, we find that jack has a brother...guess who it is? Graham!!! The evil son-of-a-biscotti behind all the mayhem of season 5!! I mean, I've had some fast ones pulled on me with this show. I thought Nina's 9 lives and Curtis being sacrificed to the blood hungry 24 death Gods were nuts. But this? There is no way that anyone, even in those crazy forum people, would have predicted this one. This goes beyond nuts and plunges right into the whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles and cherry on top without even asking. I mean, this is the guy who made it possible for the president to shoot down a plane that they both knew Jack was on. One of the first things that comes out of Graham's mouth when he finds out Jack wants to see him is, "We Should have killed Jack when we had the chance."

The best exchange between these two? Take your pick...

1.The awkward embrace that Graham gives Jack and Jacks obvious lack of return of affection...(who knows how much Jack really knows about Graham. But there was obviously a big falling out.)
2.Graham saying, "You just need to learn to relax." and Jack promptly meeting his fist with his brothers nose.
3.Graham swearing on the life of his family that he doesn't know where their father is and Jack replying, "not good enough."

The only way that I don't feel completely ashamed of my obsession with T.V. (especially 24) is that I'm not as bad as some...

Friday, January 19, 2007

In this time of turmoil, a remarkable man is lost...

Let us have a moment of silence for the great American hero, Curtis Manning...

He was the only one able enough to take over Jack Bauer's position as head of field ops. He may have had his misgivings about Jack at first, but he always came through. It is a tragic loss to lose one so young and one so inspiring. It is true that he was shot by his friend and colleague, a terrible way to die. But the only way he could go out with honor was to be killed by the only man skilled enough to do so...

Curtis, we will miss you and the chance you had of taking the torch from Jack if he left the show. Rest in peace my friend. May you find happiness in the afterlife of the Gua...oh wait, wrong series...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It is hard to describe how amazing, how tragic and how shocking 24 season 6 has been so far. This trailer doesn't do it justice. But man, am I glad for the new season!!

p.s. sorry for the two 24 entries in a row. But it HAS dominated my life for the past week...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I woke up at 8:00 in the morning today to my radio alarm feeling an odd mixture of relief and bewilderment at what had just occured in my mind. Because of the way I like to gradually awake myself, I often remember the dreams that I have in the 15 min incraments between wakings. Usually I just roll over and sleep again where the dream becomes a blurry haze that I am lucky to get written down in detail later. To be different, today I began to write as soon as I woke up. Not an easy task. The dream had been so vivid and real. It involved me being in a bar drinking wine and beer ith Robin Wiliams, Cameron Diaz and Amy Lee. It was all very strange. And the guilt I felt for drinking and getting drunk was so was quite horrifying.

Usually when I dream there is this little corner of conciousness that is the wakeful Sarah Lambson. The one that tells me that it's okay because it's just a dream. It's also the oart of me that says "WAKE UP" when something gets too uncomfrotable. This part of me has been dead for the last week or two and my brain has problems distinguishing between reality and the working of my midnight mind. Even when I am really awake. I feel like that Star Trek Eposide "Frame of Mind" (thanks to my nerd brother for the title) where Commander Riker cant distinguish his true reality. It's kind of distressing sometimes. I actually thought that I had missed a whole day. On monday morning I had dreaed that I worked that evening and when I awoke to shower, I really believed that it was tuesday and had no Idea where my monday had gone. strange...and sometimes creepy.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

24 season 5 trailer

I have begun preparing for season 6 of 24 by watching season 5. You know a show is amazing when you know what is gong to happen and you still get uber excited whe Jack is about to kick some butt. I love this show and I believe that the whole world should be exposed to the awesomeness of Jack Bauer.

Friday, January 5, 2007

A New Member

I am happy to announce my new addition. His name is Nibs. I know he's a little hard to see. It's because I had troubles get a good picture. And he is quite small. Since David Copperfield, I have been hesitant to get another Beta because I was afraid I would kill it in a week. But I am taking a chance. I already had the bowl, food, and water purifier. So why not. I go him a Beta Buddha and plants. He makes me happ and I hope he wont die on me so soon.

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