Friday, June 15, 2007

Tonight I Can Fly

Written while bored at work last night.

The sun shines in a perfect circle of flaming tangerine as the earth orbit takes it beyond view below the horizon. It turns the surrounding sky azure and rose, leaving in it's wake a few pinpricks of light; the stars are ready to shine in all their wishing glory. I can't wait to get out of the dusty workplace and into the summer night which waits with a promise of freedom. I love the fragrant air on my face as I blur past the onlooking streetlights on lonely streets. I love how the moon shows me the way. A silent listener as I let my voice rise with the music in perfect harmony. It is a night worthy of letting myself take the long way home through sleepy back roads, coming at last to a soft bed in a cool dim lit room with too many good books to choose from. Letting sleep draw over me like a soft blanket. And then falling to that place from which I will wake in the morning with the remnants of beautiful and exotic worlds dancing in my consciousness.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


okay, for those of you who actually click on the links in my entries may have noticed that the RHCP song was in fact a link to Muse again.(thanks to butz jr. for pointing this out). You can never get enough muse, but in case you really care, the problem is now fixed and you can enjoy the Chili Peppers.

Monday, June 11, 2007

To Appease the Masses

Apparently I have avid readers and need to write more frequently to keep them from sending me hate mail.

Marconi plays the mamba, Listen to the radio. Don't you remember, we built this city on rock and roll!

Summer is rolling along. I had two wonderful days last week.

The first Kirsti already posted(for those of you who read her blog also). We Alice and Wonderlanded it in the backyard playing croquet except we had normal mallets and balls. She won once and I won once. We then took it upon ourselves to wash the rolled-in-dead-bird stench off of Trissie with a hose and some dog shampoo. I don't think that she enjoyed it very much. Feeling bad for her we took her for a walk around the park across the stree to dry her off. All attempts to accomplish this natural drying failed since she ended up jumping in the creek at the end.

Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a gilrfriend that I had in February of last year, it's not confidential. I've got potential. A rushin', a rushin' around.

On Saturday, me and Juli went to The Upper Crust for lunch to discuss the details of our upcoming road trip which I am getting very excited for. We went to Coldstone for dessert. Wonderful food, wonderful ice cream, wonderful company. Good time, great oldies. I also watched two really bad moives that I foolishly thought would have some quality. "Blood and Chocolate" and "Ghost Rider". They both had really neat effects, but the dialogue made me want to vomit and the story lines were sketchy at best. I was greatly dissapointed (and yes, you were right Steven. Feel free to say I told you so).

I'll be there as soon as I can, but I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before.

Even work hasn't been too bad lately, though I will take this moment to mention that I still do not have the raise that I was supposed to get a couple months ago. But with the hours that I have been getting I still hope to have a car by the end of the summer! Isn't that exciting?

Okay, I hope that makes certain people happy.

And because I just bought this song and love it so very very much, here's the music video for "Snow (Hey Oh)" by the RHCP.

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