Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 12

In the dimming daylight, joy was felt among the feet of children. Hands were joined, and cares kicked away as they all took up the dance. Each embodied the spirit of a jewel bright leaf twirling in the breeze. All who observed the scene felt peace and happiness as the Grass Dawgs and their dogs provided accompaniment.

That was just an observation from sitting and listening to a local bluegrass group play at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival in Warner New Hampshire. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.

I slept in (weird dreams disturbed my sleep last night). I made a veggie-full breakfast. I went to the library. But I told myself that I was not to spend more than two hours there. I was successful.

Joe was there again. The attractive and quiet library goer that introduced himself last week during our brief trail encounter. Since I am leaving so soon, I feel no shame in quietly appreciating his good looks and kind nature. We sat across from each other and said nothing more than a greeting and a farewell but that was all I needed.

I drove along roads draped in color. I listened to music that resonated in my heart and spilled past my lips.

Once I got to the festival, I listened to a man play The Blues (I think people who say a white man can't sing the blues are fools See paragraph 16). I watched dogs do tricks. I ate a buffalo burger. And then I tasted Autumn in the form of pumpkin and apple flavored homemade ice cream. I wandered among the vendors, happy to observe without purchasing. Then I watched a one-man comedy act. I laughed and clapped along with the crowd. I ended my day at the stage, listening to the blue grass performance of the Grass Dawgs. And then, warm in my car, I drove home.

And now I think again about home. Yes. Bear Brook is my home. It has been for the past 9 months. And in 12 days, it will cease to be so.

I think I'm still not ready for that reality and so I will not dwell on it just yet.

Instead, I have a few confessions to make.

Hello, my name is Sarah Lambson and I like to take pictures of mushrooms.

I am also a harmonizer. I try not to do it when I am around other people, but I have a tendency to add harmonies to the music I sing along to.

I spent far too much of the past couple weeks watching a tv show I have already seen many times over.

I love to write and yet feel afraid to commit to actually completing anything.

Kettle corn and chocolate are things that, if put in front of me, I cannot stop eating.

I have small teeth and a small mouth. Ask my dentist.

I am leaving for home in 12 days and haven't packed a thing (this is mostly because I am waiting to see what happens with the Maine Conservation Corps (DARN IT! That is my taboo topic of the weekend! Sorry) but that's no excuse really).

I wanted to stoop and pet every single dog that I saw at the festival today and had to kick myself every time to stop myself from doing it.

I have a hard time letting go.

Those are my confessions.


Peeser said...

Very nicely written. As beautiful as an autumn day. Thanks.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

What a nice memory to finish your New Hampshire life...

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