Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 5 and 4 on Day 4

Well, the power is out again. We lost it yesterday. No rain, no storm, just wind. It's the weekend, we live in the woods, the State Park provides our power and we are the only ones without it.

You may be wondering what that means. It means that we will continue to have no power for the duration of the weekend. We probably won't get it back until Monday evening or possibly Tuesday.

We have less than a week left. Really, fate? You want to throw this one at us?

It was a horrible ending to a horrible day.

We went to this really sketchy looking recreation center. It's inside an old warehouse building. It looks like a place mobsters take people to kill them or maybe where a group of drug addicts make their meth. You walk inside and the staff aren't that helpful or friendly. It's pretty small, the hot tub is consistently broken, the sauna's are moldy, and we are going to be there for 4 hours. Luckily, my buddy Steven comes up with the brilliant idea of walking to the Dunkin Donuts nearby. And so we do. But first we stop at the Saab dealership. We look at all the nice cars, go inside and sit in the new cars on display, and debate asking for a test drive. But the saleslady is unfriendly. I think she thinks we're not really interested in buying a car. She's right but if she had been wrong, her assumption might have cost her a sale. Anyway, we leave and go to DD. We are joined by two others from our group who also didn't like the rec center. We talk and then we all spend the rest of the time napping in the vans except me and Steven are sharing a seat and I can't get comfortable and he and the other guy are snoring.

THAT was how I spent my last day of "forced fun". Honestly? I think this years "rec trip" was a dud except for the first day of whale watching and seafood.

Oh well.

We came back to no electricity. I saw that as my queue to leave and go to Wal-Mart to get an oil change for Alice. But there was a long wait. So I wandered the isles (avoiding the grocery section) while bothering Kirsti with a long and pretty pointless phone conversation (not that it wasn't good to talk to her, it's just that nothing interesting is going on right now). Then I came back. A fire had been built and it was nice to sit with some of the others and talk about the experiences we have had, but overall it was ONE of the worst Saturdays I've spent here.

BUT it's almost over!! I'll be done in 5 days and I'll be home in a week! Are you excited? Because I am. Very. It's the last week slump and I am just DONE with this internship. Yes, I will miss the company of many of the people here. Yes I will miss New Hampshire. But I really don't want to go through these last 4 days.

Anyway, today is a pretty typical Sunday. I went to church. I didn't announce it was my last day. I just exited the ward as quietly as I entered. I am okay with that. I fully intend to be more of a presence in the Rockland Branch that I am attending when I am in Maine.

Now I am at Panara (not getting food, mind you, just stealing their internet). I feel un-showered and am going to spend the evening in my dark cabin with now electricity and a fire in the wood stove trying to get some packing done in the light of my head lamp.

There is a Bear Brook Halloween party tonight. But I am not going. Drinking+Dark+Loud Music(potentially if they find batteries for the CD player)=not a fun time for Sarah, especially on the Sabbath. And so I will be alone in my cabin, feeling slightly anti-social and dreading the morning when I have to explain why I didn't make an appearance at the party.

On the plus side we don't start until 10:00 tomorrow, so YAY FOR SLEEPING IN!

Good day to you all.


Peeser said...

F.y.i.- a "queue" means a line, while "cue" means a "guiding suggestion" or a "hint". I think you meant to use the latter.

Remind me why your car is called Alice?

And since I don't have to work next Saturday, is there anything you'd like to do? Go pick apples in an orchard? Try for a corn maze? Just chill? I'm game for just about whatever...

Enjoy sleeping in! (I wish I could...)

Sarah Lambson said...

No, no, it was my queue. This whole experience has been like one big contrived reality show and we have pages of suggested lines and everything. My line said that once we found the power was out, I should ditch the joint and go get an oil change for my car. Other options were: "Take a nap", "Go for a walk and get shot by hunters because you aren't wearing orange", and "go rampant and kill everyone-finally".

Sarah Lambson said...

Ps, Elise, since the corn maze we went to got rained out, after I sleep for a while I would LOVE to go to a corn maze, but I ALSO love apple picking and would get more rewards out of that so I'm game for either.

Peeser said...

Maybe I should have been more clear- a "queue" is not a line as in a line of dialogue- it means a line as in forming a line to go somewhere or to wait for something. Especially if you are comparing your life to a reality show, the word you should use is "cue" because that means, in a script, the hint or direction of what you should do next.

And I'm fine for either- we'll talk... :)

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