Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 10

Oooh, now we're getting to the good numbers.

These are the last 10 days of my life in New Hampshire.

I think I should have started with the count down from this point anyway. I was just way to anxious and wanted to start counting down RIGHT AWAY!

So I did.

Guess what else? I spent a lot of the day figuring out what I would do with my life no matter what happens with the Maine Conservation Corps. I think this was important for my sanity today. You see, all weekend I believed that I would get a call or an e-mail from the MCC today. Monday. Then yesterday, Jess was all like "I thought they said sometime early next week. So that means it could be on Tuesday too right? And wasn't Tuesday the day that the lady said you would know during your first phone call with them?"

She didn't say it like that but she said something rather simple that made me think all those things. I remembered that she was right and that I had managed to convince myself that they had said they would let me know on Monday.

I did a pretty good job. And so today I woke up and as the day progressed I realized that hey, to a lot of the US it's a holiday.

Stupid pointless day.

No one is going to e-mail me today.

Hold on, gotta change the music. I am NOT in the mood for My Chemical Romance.

There. That's better.

So anyway. This is what I did today.

I wrote in my journal for no good reason.

I planned the route I would take if I drive home. With stops.

I e-mailed the Indiana sisters letting them know my plan to stop by and sleep at their homes.

I read a lot of Hyperbloe and a Half. (or is it Alot of Hyperbole and a Half? Hehe...)

I continued to check my e-mail knowing that I would not receive one.

I did some work. Felt better. Then continued to do nothing I needed to.

So now my road trip is planned. I looked up a place in New Hampshire that has free long term parking. I looked up places to possibly live near Camden Maine. I found a really great looking place in Rockland Maine. I ate the rest of my kettle corn.

I wished the library was open. My wish was not granted.

I took a picture of a moth.

And now I am blogging about day 10 earlier than I usually do.

Plus about tonight? I finally scheduled a talk on Mormonism with Sue tonight.


Okay. Goodnight family. I will be seeing you soon.

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Kirsti said...

Why can't my days be like that? I hate having school when all I want to do is enjoy this gorgeous fall weather and roam around the canyons of Northern Utah. Ugh.

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