Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 1

Was it as horrible as I thought it would be?

Yes. Yes it was.

Community meeting was actually one of the best ones we've had. That was a bonus. My hat (the one that I started making and Mom finished and put a very large pom on the top) got a shout out.

There were generally good feelings all around.

Then, it was time to clean. And then we cleaned. After that, we cleaned again. Somewhere in there we ate lunch. There wasn't much to have. Cleaning took 4-5 hours depending on who you were and how much you helped once your original task was done. I scrubbed bathroom and shower walls/ceilings. It was horrible. At first, all I had was this scrub brush that had hairs in it and so when I scrubbed the wall, hair was left behind (GROSS!). I switched to a brand new sponge, but that took FOREVER. Finally, I discovered a brand new, unused, NOT hairy floor scrubber. I used this and things went by MUCH faster. But it still took me a while. And I was in the shower rooms in which a chemical to remove rust had been used. I think the fumes were MADE of little particles of iron because I felt like I was breathing in death. I think those fumes cut 10 years off my life span.

Anyway, I finally got done cleaning, but guess what I had to go do? Clean my cabin. I know that it has been just Jess and me living there for a good while now, but I think that the other former Edison residents are dragging their feet on their part of the cleaning. It's NOT getting done no matter how much I do, there seem to be a million more things to do.

Oh well. I am so close, I can taste it. It tastes like Sunday night cookies.

I think I will finally be able to finish packing tonight and then load my car tomorrow. I know I keep saying that driving back by myself isn't a big deal, but the closer it gets, the more anzxious I feel about it.

Also, dinner is WAY late tonight. I blame all the cleaning we just did. And we're just going to get it dirty again tomorrow.

Wow. I can't believe TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY!

Okay, dinner should be soon and I don't really have much more to add.

UPDATE: Not gonna lie. I cried a little bit during the evening reflection. It may have lasted a long time, but it felt good. And sad. And happy. And funny. And a couple times awkward. And just a LITTLE bit like the last night of girls camp except no ones statements began with "I'd like to bear my testimony...".

Things are going to be different.

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