Friday, March 26, 2010

"When you try you best but you don't succeed..."

So, this was going to be the great Muse video post. As far as I can tell that is going to be impossible.

Instead you are going to embark on the wonderful picture journey of what Sarah has done for the past couple weekends!

Aren't you excited?

If you want an e-mail of the videos just say so in a comment to this post.

This is where I live, everyone. Yeah. Be jealous.
I really wish the water had been warm enough to swim in this day.
(This was last weekend, by the way)
The beach crew! From top left: Megan, Kelsey, Whitney, Rachel, Lil, Sue. Sarah is the one in the front waving and posing. Love her.

Sylvia made this rather interesting sand face.

I made this sand butterfly.

Here we have Sarah and her rendition of a sand turtle. Note the hair and shell and face. Classic.

Another look at this fantastic turtle.

I scream, you scream, we know.
Left to right, front to back:
Sarah, Will, Martha
Whitney, Sue
Rachel, Sylvia
On the way back from ice-cream me and Will got into a rather intense "cemetery slap", "widowmaker wack", and licence plate game. We were both rather pink and tender afterwards. I'm pretty sure I won, though.

I scream for ice-cream!
I love this rocky spot. It's beautiful. (and I get the best reception out there...*sheepish grin*)
Okay, so this is just a random picture of me. My hat is hiding my haircut. Pictures of this haircut will have to come later.

I just thought this was the coolest tree. Way to stand out, buddy!

Water Tower.


I spy, with my little eyes (yeah, my eyes are little. This is me opening them as wide as I can!)

Heh. I know most of you will hate me for posting this, but it was just so cool!

These 'shrooms were just so cool.

Okay, so this was taken a while ago but I forgot to post it. This was on the shore of a pond at the end of a trail.
This is the crew that walked there with me.
From left: Megan, Rachel, Sylvia

So there you have it. Another post of my life out in New Hampshire.

I cannot believe how fast time is going out here!

March is almost over! And April will go by just as fast, I am sure. The only thing is I have a feeling that May is going to drag because there is a break at the end of the month. And time always goes slow when you are expecting something.

Okay, folks.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"They will not force us, the will stop degrading us! They will not control us, we will be victorious!"

AKA: Muse Entry: Part 1-The Story (And some pictures)

A special shout-out to all those who made this possible (you know who you are). A million times, thank you!

Have I already mentioned how brain-straining it is to come up with a good title? It should just come. But I spent a good hour listening to Muse songs trying to find the best line to fit.

I have an hour to get this blog posted.

Really I don't have much to say.

On the 6th I went to see Muse in Boston at the TD Garden arena. My co-worker/friend Steven tagged along with the explicit intent to visit a gay bar or two.

Here are some exerpts of my account of the evenings events.

"The Subway station. Sarah Lambson who has this irrational fear of public transportation took the Subway with Steven."

"I went into a small and dirty photo shop that said they sold and bought tickets to events at TD garden. I asked the store keeper if he was still buying. He said he would try to see if there was a scalper who would buy my pair of tickets and sell me a single. Sadly, my tickets were “horrible” and there was no way they were going to just trade or I was going to get any money off of the one ticket I was trying to sell. There was one guy that tried to sell me a really good ticket and trade for my two for $100 dollars. I said no. He said $80. I still said no…but I hesitated. If I could have gotten him lower I would have bought it and just not gotten a shirt. But I didn't. We said we were just going to go to dinner and thanked them for their time."

“We settled on a loud sports bar with many TV’s all with a game of some kind on them. I got the teriyaki meatballs. My noodles were cold."

“So Steven was walking me to the concert and in a combination of sympathy and not knowing where his gay bar was he decided to stay and watch Muse.”

“The lights dimmed. And the cheering started. There were columns that Steven thinks were representative of the World Trade Center towers. Then they started up Uprising. The coverings on the columns fell away. And there they were. Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wholstenholm, and Dominic Howard. Playing on platformed columns. It was a great start.

Here is the playlist.


2. The Resistance

3. Newborn

4. One rock interlude

5. Another rock interlude

6. Map Of The Problematique

7. Another bluesy Rock interlude

8. Supermassive Black Hole

9. Guiding Light

10. Interlude (The one from Absolution…which of course leads to…)

11. Hysteria

12. Nishe

13. United States of Eurasia

14. Feelin’ Good

15. Chris and Dom rock out interlude on Dom’s spinning drum pedistal

16. Undisclosed Desires

17. Matt Whistling a little song

18. Starlight

19. Plug-In Baby

20. Funny little song on the piano that sounded like an Irish jig

21. Time is Running Out

22. Again, a rock interlude

23. Unnatural Selection


24. Exo-Genesis

25. Stolkholm Syndrome

26. Two more rock interludes

27. Knights of Cydonia”

“During some songs, fist pumping would ensue. It was as unsettling as I thought it would be.”

“Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!”

Everyone around me was sitting in their seats. It was kind of a downer and I was afraid to stand up and be all excited and crazy.”

“eyeballs” and “giant eyeball balloons”

“Dom’s spinning platform”

“harmonica solo"

“At one point when Matt was singing during Plug-in Baby, there was a crowd surfer. Matt stops singing, points at the crowd below, and cackles.”

I know that's a lot. But believe me there was tons more. And now for some pictures. They are the best that a cheap 10 mega pixel camera can get.

Just check out that crowd! And the random guys in front of us that are now immortalized in my blog. You're welcome guys.
This is not the best of pictures but you get to see Dom's face and see the greatness of them playing on those platforms that were moving up and down (slowly, but still genius!)
Image one of those columns. See the face in the DNA?
Image two, the eyeballs.
And there he is. Matthew Bellamy in all his glory. Check out those hot turquoise pants? He started the show in sunglasses too.
I was this close to him....yeah of course not. This was an image on the column screen. The only picture I have of his face.
Close-up of Matt playing Piano. If only you could see those hands in action. It is a thing to behold.
Matthew on the Piano. It lights up, you know.
Little Drummer Dom
The worlds most amazing trio
For a guy who is constantly standing still, this is the best picture I could get of Chris. He's harder to get a picture of than the abominable snowman!
Matt Rockin it out. This was the closest he ever got to us on the stage left platform (or is that stage right? I never know.)

Okay so there you have it. My brief documentation of the Muse concert. Believe me, this was brief. I had to reign myself in.

There will be another blog post with Muse video for those few who care. I have to do some editing so that you never have to hear my awful "it's really loud at concerts so I can't hear myself singing" singing voice.

Soon after that will be a blog with the little odds and ends of the past couple weeks.

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Wow. March is almost over people! It is officially spring!

And yet, I still have until October.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The lights go out and I can't be saved. Tides that I tried to swim against have brought me down upon my knees. Oh I beg, I beg and plead singing..."

As many of you know by now, most of southern New Hampshire has no power. That includes Bear Brook State Park.

Actually if I am going to be completely honest, much of the people who were without power have it again. It looks like Bear Brook (heretofore given the label BB) will still be without until Friday at the earliest.

Hello, my name is Sarah Lambson and it has been 7 days since my last shower.

I am trying my best to stay okay smelling. I don't think I am TOO repulsive yet. I haven't been running around and getting sweaty or anything. But my hair is pretty rank, I must admit. Only a beanie cap (which is also starting to smell a little) protects the world from my hair of eternal stench (name that movie Lambsonites...or any other ites out there who know)

Also, there is the dark factor. It's really not a big deal except that I broke my headlamp (actually I am convinced that it broke itself).

In other news, our crew just got two people smaller. One girl has left for good and the other is thinking about it. The former is a loss, but I didn't get along with her all that well anyway. The latter is a girl who I will greatly miss. She was the closest I got to a spiritual peer. I am praying hard that she decides to come back (she is home for a week).

I need to get on with the new batch of pictures. The following are just pictures of a beautiful lookout that I pass all the time and only just took time to take pictures of. I hope you know that this was done at great personal cost since there is no place to park on the busy road right next to this place. This was just after the snow that we got on Saturday.

So, here we have the complete inventory of the care package that I got from Beckie over the weekend(I'm sure most of you don't care but out here it's awesome to get stuff and I just have to show it off)
note:lables for each picture are BELOW the picture. Just to save you from the confusion monster.
See everything in all it's majesty? Other people get packages, but I must say that (like in RI) I am the envy of all the other interns...most of the time. Thanks awesome family!
The overhead shot with it all laid out.
Cookie crisp (my fav cereal) and Choco special K (the best kind in my opinion). Plus a fun card!
My conference DVD that mom and Dad got for some Christmas's ago(I had requested it) The original Batman (is that my copy? I can't remember if I bought it or not...) Skip-Bo(YAY!) and sunglasses(not much use with all this gray weather.
Luggage tags, Burts Bees (who DOESN'T love a gift of good ol' Burts), Two (count it, TWO) kinds of gum (I LOVE gum), stationary, a little notebook and two bags of goodies.
A hat with a pom pom the size of a small planet (started by me, finished by Mother. Thanks Mom!), sunflower seeds (That bag will be gone in a day), A GIANT Toblerone bar (the envy of all), and SOCKS! I agree with Dumbledore, one can never have enough socks.
Lets get a closer look at this card.
Love those boys!

So there you have it. A faithful account of the items in the package Beckie sent me. It occurs to me that I didn't do a blog like this for the package Juli sent. Sorry Juli! I think I was just so excited to get it that I forgot. I am still reveling in it's contents.

A quick little addendum before I close. I hate electric companies right now. Two are currently fighting over who is going to take care of a downed power line that is in the middle of nowhere. This means that it will be at LEAST a couple more days before we get power. I have now gone for a whole WEEK without a shower. At least we get to go to Salvation Army today and shower before we teach tomorrow.


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