Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On My College Years (Boring. You may not want to read it)

I think everyone knows this by now, but I am the second councilor in the YW presidency.

There may be only 3 girls (soon to be two) but I love this calling.

Mutual was last night. Instead of doing a structured activity we just sat and talked with one another, getting to know each other just a little better. The oldest young woman, Rachel, is leaving for BYU in June and we got onto the topic of grades and what college is like-the kinds of classes you need to take, the length of the papers, the difficulty of the classes.

This got me thinking about the grades I received in college and how some were disappointing. But others were surprising. And, though I KNOW if I had tried my BEST I could have gotten a slightly higher cumulative GPA, I am happy with my 3.0. My B averages GPA.

But now, even though NONE of you care or are interested, I am going to make a list-by semester-of all the classes I took and the grades I received. And then talk a little about each one.

Now that you know what the bulk of this post is going to be about, feel free to skip over it.

Let's begin in the year 2005. The Fall after I graduated from David H. Hickman High School.

2005 Fall Semester (I'll admit, I did not start off on a good foot. I took advantage of my freedom and did a lot of class skipping. The result? I didn't do as well as I anticipated and I learned my lesson-for the most part)

  • English Literature: C+ (I was disappointed with myself and the grade I got in this class. Having come out of A.P. Literature with Mr. Stover, I believed that I could easily ace ANY English class. So I didn't pay close attention in lecture, sometimes didn't attend class, and my grade reflected this. Ick.)
  • Foundations in Russian History: A- (This class was a random decision. And I LOVED it! The professor was boring to listen to but the content was FASCINATING! And I got a great grade...WOO)
  • Library Research: B (This was possibly the most boring class ever. But I guess it was helpful. It taught you all about how to use the Library resources available to you)
  • Intermediate Algebra: C+ (Ew. Math. Not m strong point. What else can I say?)
  • Concert Choir: B+ (I have no excuse for the grade I got in this class except that I didn't like the director so I missed too many classes)
  • General Psychology: A-(I was pleased with this grade. It was an interesting class and I actually enjoyed participating in the psychological studies done by Grad students for credit)

Semester GPA: 3.0
cumulative GPA: 3.0

2006 Winter Semester (A Very "B" like semester)

  • General Principals and Concepts of Biology: B (Meh, Biology. Whatever)
  • General Biology Lab: B-
  • General Chemistry: B (I was so AMAZED that I got this grade! I am worse at Chem. than I am at Math! Wow...)
  • Twentieth Century American History: C (Okay, I have NEVER been good at history. I hate learning it in lecture format. It doesn't STICK! So I did horribly at this class)
  • College Algebra for Calculus Bound Students: B (Another SURPRISE in the B department! I got a B in a math class? No way!)

Semester GPA: 2.7
Cumulative GPA: 2.8

2006 Fall Semester

  • Applied Microeconomics: C (Why in the WORLD would I take this class? It was this or a Macroeconomics class...microeconomics seemed...smaller? And so easier? No. I barely got the concepts. I hate economics. And I hate that I had to take this class)
  • General Chemistry 2 with Lab: C- (Now THAT'S more like it. C- in a chemistry class makes more sense. I think it was here that I failed my first test. Lab wasn't too bad, but not enough to save my grade. BLAH, I hate Chem.)
  • Exposition and Argumentation (Aka Engligh 1000): A (You know, NO ONE calls it anything but English 1000. I LOVED this class, though! My teacher was amazing and opened so many new windows of my mind! She was the one who helped me see the connection and disconnection of the world via various media. LOVED this class. And I'm pretty sure she loved me.)
  • Colloquium: Fisheries and Wildlife: F (My first F. It's not all that impressive. With this class, all you had to do was SHOW UP and listen to the lectures given. I SWEAR I went to the required number of classes! But I think I forgot to sign in for one or two of them. So they gave me an F instead of the required S to pass. Booo...)
  • Calculus for Social and Natural Sciences: C (Yeah, and here was have a more typical Math grade. I guess the B's weren't meant to last.)
  • Computer Applications in Natural Resources: A (This was pretty much an older man who knew less about computers than most of us teaching us about how to use computers. Boring)
  • Beginners GIS for Natural Resources: A- (This was taught by the same guy teaching my computer class. And it was equally as boring. I don't know if I actually remember much from this class...)

Semester GPA:2.5 (oof. That's rough)
Cumulative GPA:2.7

2007 Winter Semester

  • Introductory Meteorology: B (I got to take a class taught by meteorologist Eric Aldrich! How cool is that? This was a great class.)
  • Ornithology: C (Early mornings, a lot of uncertain bird identification. This class was TOUGH. But I muscled through it somehow. With a C.)
  • Principles of Geology with Lab: B (Oh, Geology. This was a fun class with a good teacher. Aaaannnddd...a hot T.A.)
  • Ecology and Renewable Resource Management: B+ (I had to look up what this class was because I forgot all about it. Now I remember, and it was kind of a joke among all of us taking it. It was taught by three guys. Gantzer was having a love affair with soil, Cutter was obsessed with fire, and the other guy just talked too fast. We all tuned out when he spoke).

Semester GPA:2.7
Cumulative GPA:2.7

2007 Fall Semester

  • General Ecology: B (I remember really disliking the lecturing methods of this teacher. But the class was pretty simple)
  • Introductory Entomology: C+ (Taught by Bruce Barret. This was my second challenging "ology" class and I didn't do all that well. Even though I feel like Entomology is one of the most interesting "ologies" out there! I think I just didn't test well in that class.)
  • Insect Diversity: B- (This was basically the lab for Entomology. I did better in this class. And we got to have an insect collection! Cool.)
  • Elements of Physiology: C+ (Um...I have no idea why this class was necessary. Because it wasn't. But I had to take it anyway and it was pretty challenging. I think the lab saved my grade because I only did well on one test and it was the one on muscles.)

Semester GPA:2.5
Cumulative GPA:2.7

2008 Spring Semester (because they stopped calling it Winter semester)

  • Rural and Agricultural Law:B (The man teaching this class was kind of crazy. But in a nice and amusing kind of way. Not in a scary way. I didn't find that class to be all the useful, but it wasn't TOO bad)
  • Plant Systematics: A- (This class was AMAZING! I learned SO MUCH and even though it was hard, I was rewarded with good grade! LOVE!)
  • Introduction to Genetics and Evolution for Conservation: A (Introductory Genetics. Taught by another slightly insane teacher. The same guy who would later teach me Ichthyology. And yet I Passed this class with flying colors and almost FAILED Ichthyology. Go figure.)
  • Statistical Methods in Natural Resources: B (Statistics for Natural Resources is EASY and very applicable. That is the only reason I got a B.)

Semester GPA:3.4 (Woo! Getting up there again!)
Cumulative GPA:2.8

2008 Fall Semester

  • Verbal Communication in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: A (This is the class where we had to give presentations in front of people. This is the class where I had a chance to partner up with my crush*. This class taught me SO MUCH and prepared me for all the presenting I would later do in front of people.)
  • General Botany with Lab: A (The only reason I really liked this class is that I had the same T.A. that I'd had in Plant Systematics and I LOVED her!).
  • Colloquium: Fisheries and Wildlife: S (Remember this class? The one I got an F in? I went to ALL the lectures this time so that there was no way they couldn't give me the S I needed to pass.)
  • Limnology: C+ (I really regretted taking this class. Every once in a while it was interesting. It was fun to get to go out and do field work. But I did NOT test well in this class and I barely understood what they heck that guy was talking about.)
  • Ecosystem Management: B+ (I had a dream that I married my professor in this class. He was pretty cute. And the class itself wasn't too bad.)

Semester GPA:3.4
Cumulative GPA:2.9

2009 Spring Semester

  • Introduction to British Literature: A (I LOVED this class! I was one of the only people participating half of the time. I think I was one of the only seniors in the class. It was a grand time and I read some great things in that class).
  • Introduction to Folklore Field Research: A (This class was SO random, but SO much fun! I loved the teacher and the concept and I thought for a little while that I would LOVE to be an anthropology major and stud Folklore.)
  • Ichthyology: B- (Remember that fish experiment fiasco? Yeah, I do. Vividly. Through testing and quizzes, I was FAILING this class. I think the only thing that saved me was my ability to write a good research proposal for the failed experiment and my DILIGENCE at trying to get the experiment to WORK. So I went from a D to a B-!! Woo! Still. WORST. CLASS. EVER.)
  • Animal Population Dynamics and Management:B (better known as AnPopDy. This class could have been worse, but it could have been better. Whatever, I got through it. And with a B no less!)
  • Natural Resources Practicum: B- (Oh, this class. The one that taught me that I never want to be the editor of a 10 person collaboration paper EVER again. I pulled my first REAL all nighter. NO sleep all night. No break for a nap, which is what I would usually do. It was THE WORST. But the class itself wasn't too bad. Just the incompetency of my peers to follow VERY CLEAR FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS!)

Semester GPA:3.2
Cumulative GPA:2.9

2009 Fall Semester

  • Behavioral Biology: B (This class was INTERESTING. I can still see myself doing something in behavioral biology or ecology.)
  • Human Dimensions in Fisheries and Wildlife Management:A- (Well, it was a necessary class because I DO work a lot with the human aspect of Natural Resources. But really, I have NO idea what that professor was teaching us. The only reason I passed was because it was all pretty self-explanatory)
  • Topics in Fisheries and Wildlife-Biological/Physical/Mathematics: B+ (AKA Behavioral Ecology. Yes, I took Behavioral Biology AND Ecology. And yes, they were different. For example, we didn't have class in this class for the second half of the semester because our professor had a baby.)
  • Topics in Geography-Social Science: A (AKA Geography of Cemeteries. This is THE most random class that I have ever taken. And one of the most fun and interesting! I only took it because I had to have another writing intensive course and I REALLY didn't want to take Fisheries management and suffer the same fate as I did in Ichthyology. So I took THIS and learned a LOT and did AMAZING on the final research paper. Despite losing all my original research in a notebook that is STILL somewhere in the nether realm.)
  • Natural Resources Biometrics: A- (I am pretty sure this was the class I was SUPPOSED to take BEFORE AnPopDY. Instead, I took it after. And got an A-).

Semester GPA:3.5
Cumulative GPA:3.0 WOO! I got my 3.0! Not the best, but I am still pleased enough with it.

There you have it. All the information you DIDN'T want to know about my college experience. Honestly, this is all there is to SAY about it. I didn't party. I didn't have extra curricular activities (something I STILL regret). I just worked, went to class, did homework, and napped.

And now that I have wasted my morning writing this, I am going to do some actual work. Because that's what college prepared me for, right?

*This is the brief and tragic tale of how I almost got to partner up with my crush. I'd had several classes with this guy. He was blonde (not my typical type) and had a really nice face, sometimes wore glasses, and was quiet and kind. During this one class with him, we would sometimes sit by each other because we knew and recognized each other. We chatted casually. Nothing much. We were supposed to partner with someone in the class to record a radio advertisement. The first person to ask me was a girl who I had gone to High School with. She was nice, I knew her, and I knew she was a hard worker. So I said yes. the NEXT DAY my crush approached me and asked if I wanted to partner with him. I could have CRIED RIGHT THERE! I HAD to say no because I had already told the other girl YES! How tragic is that? I could have become better friends with this guy. But apparently it was not meant to be.

I still think about this event and feel SO sad. Like it was an opportunity JUST BARELY missed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

On The Fact That Things Can Only Get Better

Prepare yourself for pictures and then some.

First, lets take a trip down memory lane. Remember that one time, on my last blog entry, when I mentioned how things aren't prefect? I listed details like the cold weather, the general pallor R/L casts on my life's complexion, etc.

Then, I provided pictures that showed that I have no problem looking at the bright side of things.

There are always little joys to brighten your day. Especially if that little joy is an orange owl made out of small raisin box.

This week, however, it has been harder to look at happy things.

Maybe because there weren't many.

Let me reflect on the negative, just for a LITTLE bit so that I can get it out of my system and then I will move on to why today was so JOYFUL.

First, I still live in Owls Head. For ONE MORE WEEK. Yeah, I guess this week wasn't any worse than the week previous. But there were a couple of letter wars.

Yes, I mean a war where I would write a letter and R/L would deface it with angry words.

And she STILL treats me like a child.

But that doesn't matter. I am out of here as of next Saturday.

Then there is work. Lately it has been discouragement after discouragement. Things are not ideal. Merryspring seemed so charming on the outside. A cute little garden/nature center. Dog park. What not. But deep within the bowls of this place it is dark, dank, and dreary. Name that quote! Okay you probably can't so...if you wanna see the kind of nerd I am, go HERE and go to 6:09.
But it's time to focus on the past three days, all of which have been restorative to my heart, soul, and mind.

This week was supposed to be the Spring Ecology Camp. But since we only had two participants we had to cut it down to three days instead of 5. This was a frustration. Then I met the two girls (and their one friend who joined them for one of the days). The three mornings we spent together were magical and soul healing.

From left: Lerah, Meridith, Iris with their pet rocks they made.

Iris, Lerah, and Meridith spend some quiet reflection time at the spring to write in their nature journals.

Meridith, Lerah, and Iris chow down on their apples!

Day 3, Meridith and Iris (the two regular girls who did the camp last year and are twin sisters) clear back branches from a trail.
The dead and fallen tree we finally moved off of the trail. It took us and hour and 1/2 but we finally did it together! I can't believe we did! I was going to leave it as too hard to do by hand (something they could chainsaw later). But they wouldn't have that. So, I am sore and it was REALLY hard but WE DID IT! Yay!

It was actually quite wonderful with it just being those two girls and me. They are both so smart! Iris is a little shy and quiet and Meridith is the complete opposite. She is high energy and chatty! They LOVE being outside and never complained. They were always considerate, kind, and polite! And they never fought and they laughed often. It was PERFECT.

Then, today, the last day we met, the brought me a little surprise. I don't have pictures. But earlier in the week it had come up that my Birthday was on Easter. And at one point they very sneakily asked me what my favorite dessert was. They could work for the FBI they were so good at keeping their little secret and playing the part of the casually interested little girl.

Today they presented me with hand made birthday cards and...
Wait for iiiitttt...
When they had asked what my favorite dessert was, I replied pie without any hesitation. Coconut cream, I told them. They tried to apologize for not being able to find a coconut cream. But I was too overcome with gratitude at the whole "berry forest" pie they put into my hands from the local market down the road. It was wonderful.

We then spent the whole day doing trail work and finished up our camp by making toad homes and eating pie. Yes, I ended Lent a couple of days early. But I couldn't not eat a slice for their benefit. It was the perfect end to the day. They hugged me as they said goodbye and promised to visit me soon.

I love those little girls.

Let's travel back in time just a little bit. Last weekend I attended Plants Unlimited's Green Fair. They had animals and live music and vendors and food. It was wonderfully fun! Here are some images from that day.

PAH! Look at that white alpaca! I laugh at this picture every time I look at it.

Awww...and this one is just so CUTE! Seriously. If I ever live on a farm, I want to raise alpaca.

And another one. This one was an attention hog.




Pony and cow.


And the twin bunnies.

Here are a couple other things that make me smile.

This is the birthday present Rachael and Megan (my fellow interpreters and good friends) made me last year. Thanks to Juli, I decided to start putting a lamb and a sun down instead of my name because there was another Sarah there. Everyone thought it was so fun and charming! I have this in my room right now and every now and then I look at it and remember better times.

The next are several images of the poorly crafted Ukrainian egg that I made several weeks ago. It will take some practice to get them looking better, but I want to buy a kit and DO this more! It was so much fun!

NOW, it's time for BUBBLES!

Bubbles are really TOO much fun. The other day, I spent my last 5 minutes of work blowing very large bubbles and taking pictures of them. It was grand, I tell you, GRAND!

Okay, so these ones aren't so large.

BAM! Look at that. Oh, you say you can't tell that it is large because there is not basis of scale? Well then, what about THIS one?

Ah. Same issue. I PROMISE these aren't just normal size bubbles close up!

There we go. It's next to a table. Okay, so they weren't HUGE, but I had a tiny bubble blower. Sue me!

Hah! This was so fun!

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? (I don't know why people ask that of the bubble. It's the woman who comes OUT of the bubble that asks the question, after all.)

And now for something completely different.

I give you...


This is the little guy I made as the girls were making their pet rocks and pet rock habitats. Isn't he CUTE? I mean it, people. Add googly eyes to ANYTHING and it makes it cuter. I challenge you to name something that WOULDN'T be improved by googly eyes.

Flowers are always cause to smile.

And these non-wild flowers are growing randomly around the vernal pool. Weird.

So sunny and BRIGHT!
According to ALL the locals, this winter was one of the worst in 12 years and this spring has been colder than spring usually is in Maine. So I chose a heck of a year to come here, right? The flowers have only started coming up in the past TWO WEEKS! We're SO behind. STILL no green on the leaves and I have to wear a coat every day.

And in closing, the best lunch I have had in a while.

Cranberry/apple/sunflower seed salad with a raspberry and walnut vinaigrette. Ice water (boring I know, but it's the ICE that's important!). A small pita with garlic and red pepper hummus with feta. And a Fig Newton fruit thin. This one is chocolate raspberry! Not quite a cookie so I am not counting it as being against Lent.

So there you are. Another post reminding me that things aren't as horrible as they could be. And REALLY, in what way could May be any WORSE than the past 4 months?

Didn't I link that song a post or two ago? Oh well. It's a great song.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

On the Simple Joys of Life

It's been hard focusing on the good things these past four months.

But I just need to keep reminding myself: I'm in MAINE! I have a job to go to every day. I have a Branch full of wonderful and kind people.

Yes, I still have to sleep under two quilts and a blanket at night while wearing a sweatshirt. Yes, the trees still look like winter trees. Yes, I had to write a note to R/L this morning telling here that A) I am going to have to either shower past 9:30 tonight or before 7:30 tomorrow morning and B) to replace the eggs that she used for seemingly no reason from MY eggs (a note about these eggs. They were farm fresh. A gift from a church member. Yes, it was a little selfish but I put them on the "do not use" list. And I know she has been using them. And now I only have one left. So I would just like the ones she used replaced. Is that too much to ask?).

I could dwell on all these things. But not today. Not now.

Today, the sun is shining. I have a strawberry, banana, raspberry smoothie I made myself. I am listening to all my favorite movie soundtracks. I am going to a potluck tonight and before that I am going to unpack the first wave of boxes I brought from Owls Head into my new home in Camden. I get to work with kids again tomorrow.

Today, things are just fine.

These are images. Fragments of the simple joys in my life right now.

Two weekends ago, if you remember me blogging about it, I met up with Ruth. We walked to the Breakwater Light House. Here it is from the entrance to the park on the rocky beach before the start of the path to the lighthouse.

This is the start of the path. Let me tell you, it looked a lot easier until you got here and saw how FAR AWAY it was!

This is about half way. GAH! It seemed that it wasn't getting any closer! Not to mention the WIND! It was cold and the strong winds kept blowing waves against the stone path so that we were constantly sprayed with frigid sea water.
But eventually we made it! I admit that these pictures of it are horrible. I don't know why I didn't get any better pictures...oh, wait. My camera died before I could. Ruth has some better ones. Oh well. This site might give you some better pictures.

You couldn't go or even SEE inside. Everything was boarded up.

This is one view of the cove from the lighthouse.

And another.

This is seriously, the best angle you can get of the LIGHT part of the lighthouse unless you are taking pictures from a boat.

I know you can barely see the mainland, but there is Owls Head and Rockland. I can see this lighthouse from the bathroom window at R/L's house.

Here's a little view of how far we came from the mainland.

Now time to move one to something COMPLETELY different.

I had this mini boxes of Sunmaid raisins. I took them home, instead of throwing them away because I thought that maybe I could do something crafty with them.

This is what I came up with.

Hee! I call this one "The General". Googly eyes, a nose, and a mustache. What's not to love?

Another mustached specimen. This guy is "The Sheriff". He really needs a hat.

These guys were the first two that I made.

Then I started getting more ideas.
"The Genius"
This guy makes me giggle. And the best part? For some reason, the black center of his left eye stays at the top of the eye instead of moving around to the bottom. So he has this constant "loopy" look going on. He would not look nearly as cute were this not the case.

This is "Bloop".

This guy has such a mean looking face I felt like he needed a name that showed his real personality. So I went with "Mr. Giggles."

(P.S. Elise, do you recognize the tissue paper you used in your lat care package to me? Because that's what I used to give these guys color)

Here they all are. The original crew. I have since given "The General" to Bonnie, and both "The Sheriff" and "The Genius" to our Young Women's president who is going through a tough time.

This next one is my FAVORITE!!! Those of you on twitter and Facebook have already seen this guy.

This is Whoo.

I made him during a Young Women's activity where I taught the girls how to make these little fun friends. They had a lot of fun. I wish I'd had my camera so I could have taken photos of theirs.

Whoo is just a bright little ray of sunshine anywhere he is placed. He currently resides at my desk so I can look at him and remember to smile.

Moving on again to another little joy I have found. Cooking. I don't get to indulge in it often. I only REALLY cook when I know R/L isn't going to be around. Otherwise I tend to be in her way for HER cooking needs.

This is the whole wheat Rye bread that I made for St. Patty's day. From SCRATCH!! And without the fennel seed (yuck!). It was pretty delish, if I do say so myself.

The Rye bread was for THIS. My St. Patty's day dinner. A RUBEN! Green beans, fresh strawberries, and some vanilla Greek yogurt. YUM!

GOSH, I love Rubens. I didn't want to make an elaborate meal of corned beef and cabbage and then make Rubens from that (though they are best if made from REAL corned beef and cabbage). So I bought deli corned beef and sauerkraut and made my own dressing and bought the Swiss cheese. It was amazing. I had these for a WEEK! And loved it. I want another one.

This is my BRUNCH that I made one Sunday a little while ago. It was pretty amazing. I had this whole wheat blueberry muffin mix. So I made 1/2 of it into muffins and 1/2 into pancakes. I had some strawberries and fresh pineapple, celery sticks, and sweet potato tortilla chips! YUM! I love food. I sweetened the top of my pancake with Agave nectar.

This one is a little random. When I spent the night with fellow MCC member Dee, this was one of the phrases created on the fridge with word magnets. "Like they say. A Snowball's chance in China". It made me giggle. Because, you know...they DON'T say that the phrase wrong...Okay, I'm lame.

Now, I know you all MISS me and forgot what I looked like. So here are some pictures of ME! These are all taken from the web cam on my laptop.

Me are a typical day of work.

"What??? I can get a replica of the Royal Heirloom Ring for HOW MUCH???"

"Eh, that's life"

"Hm...I wonder how I would look in that princess Leah bikini..."


This is how I would look if I were insane and acted on my impulse to take a knife to all of R/L's pillows.

I know it's mean, but this is my impression of the way R/L looks when she is upset. It's pretty accurate, actually. Crazy eyes, pursed lips, etc.

Woah...Hi there...

My Lucille wink. I don't do it as well as her.

Okay, enough of me.

This is the guitar I bought! I am teaching myself! And it makes me happy.

Any suggestions on a name?

I bought this cereal a couple weeks ago that had this little farm you could cut out of the back of the box. I had waaaaay too much fun doing it.

This is the little cubby (cubbie??) bed I slept in when I stayed with Dee. It actually charmed the socks right off me. The curtains closed for privacy and you had a little lamp attached to the wall. It was cute.

And now for the story of the sign. This doesn't really represent a simple joy, but I just wanted to include this. The board decided that they wanted a banner to put up on the sign leading to Merryspring to encourage people to join us for out volunteer workday. They didn't want to pay to get it professionally done. So, we used old window blinds and I carefully measured the size of the letters and their placement for the words (especially the biggest word "Volunteer").

And then I drew it out.

Step one. Check.

Then I filled it in and did the other words (I didn't make the smaller words quite as precise as the word "Volunteer"). I think it turned out pretty good.

President of the board, RAY was to be the one to hang it up. BUT he decided that he thought there were too many words on the thing (I had to add a date and a time). Too much information. So he took it home to "work on it". Mr. Editor. Has to "fix" everything I write.

Guess what? It NEVER GOT PUT UP!! I spent at least two hours on that thing trying to make it look good. I had many OTHER things I wanted to be doing, but they had me making this sign because they didn't want to PAY to have someone do it! Two hours! Wasted!


Okay, good feelings gone. Maybe I shouldn't have ended the post with those pictures.

Okay, okay...other good things coming up.

I got invited to an Easter dinner so I don't have to spend the holiday alone! Woo!
Candice (the Young Women's first councilor) and I are going to have night out this Friday. We are going to dinner and then to see Jane Eyre!
Eliza, a girl I met in New Hampshire, is moving to Belfast-which is only about an hour from Camden! We are setting up a date to hang out! I have a friend in Maine now!!

Okay, I feel a little better now.


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