Monday, January 31, 2011

On Sunsets and Sadie at Work

So we all know Sadie is going back to Missouri. That means I need to spend as much time/take as many pictures with/of her as I can while she is still here.

So I brought her to work with me last Friday on an "emergency" basis. I really don't want to leave her with Bonnie for too long. Remember that dead camel? It's starting to rot.

While she was there I took some pictures.

I am also holding true to one of the "wants" I listed earlier: taking pictures of every Sunset I experience in Maine.

These are those pictures.

Sadie does my job at work. It's not that hard at this point.

I'm pretty sure Sadie hated me for putting this hood up.

Sadie is her usual self at the office. She sleeps the whole day.

Except for when we went on little potty walks!

January 28th Sunrise (taken with cell phone)

January 29th Sunrise (Taken with camera)

January 30th Sunrise through the moisture of the Sun room window(taken with camera)
January 30th Sunrise wide shot (taken with camera)January 30th Sunrise close up (taken with camera). This was such a nice one I took three versions of it.

January 31st Sunrise (taken with cell phone). Pretty bright, this one.

January 31st Sunrise (taken with cell phone). I really like the effect of the sun coming through the windows of the sun room. I just wish this cell phone camera could capture the rosy hue.

As you can see, many of these sunrises are accompanied with clouds. Many of these mornings the sun was there for 1/2 an hour and then obscured by clouds and the day was punctured by snow. This is actually abnormal, according to locals-this much snow. I LOVE IT. Bonnie hates it. She is ready for winter to be over. Sadly I think we're smack in the middle of it.

Now for some other random pictures.

This is the Ross Center at Merryspring again. I think it's a lovely building and wanted you to get a better look at it when it's not obscured by the falling snow.

This is a picture of Sadie I took this morning. She was sitting so patiently and cutely on the floor waiting for a morsel of food. Honestly, this past month I have not been feeding her human food because I didn't want her begging anytime Bonnie had guests over for dinner. That was the only reason. Now that I know she is going home, I am back to giving her little nibbles. I know it's a bad habit and she needs to break it, but who can say no to that face when you know you aren't going to see it for the rest of the year?

As I have been taking sunrise pictures I have also been enjoying the effect the sunrise has on the road leading down from the house and towards the ocean. I wish this showed it better but it casts a pink light on the sky which is nicely offset by the cold blue of the ocean.

And this is the bowl of produce when it's looking lovely and full. It's actually quite empty right now. This was taken over a week ago.

I would now like to take a little time and thank you, may family. You have been so supportive and generous the past month. Many of you have already come to the rescue in response to my call for aid. You are truly the Rohan to my Gondor.



Sorry. I watched Return of the King the other day. I've had Lord of the Rings on the brain ever since.

Special shout outs to Juli, Emily, and Elise for their mail surprises.

Of course an even more special shout out goes to Mom and Dad for their constant support.

A shout out to Beckie who is stepping up so kindly to this challenge of getting Sadie home.

A shout out to Kirsti for always being there to chat with me when I should be focusing on other things.

And lastly, a shout to my Bro for being my twitter support and partner in nerdery.

I love you all and know that you will be here to get me through current and future challenges. Know that you can call on me and I will try to be there in any way that I can.

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Kirsti said...

GORGEOUS pictures. I'm so envious of your adventures up in Maine. Wish I lived in a beautiful, scenic area of Utah.

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