Saturday, January 22, 2011

On A Snow Day and a Saturday

This is an image spectacular. So prepare yourselves.

It snowed this past Friday. A lot. And for some reason, I decided I wasn't going to let a little snow stop me and I drove to work. After two hours everything was covered and it was getting pretty heavy.
Here is the view from the porch at Merryspring

This is the Ross Center also known as the main building at Merryspring. Look at all the wonderful snow!

And then it was decided that though the snow is wonderful, being trapped at work for the rest of the night isn't. So about 1/2 an hour after this picture was taken, I left.

I love the little hat's the snow puts on things.
But all things must come to an end and the snow stopped that night. The following day was bright and sunny!

This is the view up my road. To the left is the house I am living in.

This is a view from the side porch of the house I am living in. That is Bonnie's field and those are the back neighbors houses. The ones who made a big deal about property lines at one point and tried to build s stone wall. And then past them is, you guessed it, the ocean.

I was so very tempted to play in this mountain of snow in the Shaw's parking lot. Too bad Sadie was with me and I really needed to get some shopping done.

And here is a lovely image of what my window was covered with the morning after the storm. Frost so thick and beautiful I could see nothing of the street outside.

This past Saturday, I actually did something. Well, I did something last Saturday but the somethings that I did this Saturday were somethings for myself. Things that I needed to get done and I did them. Like helping Bonnie clean the house and grocery shopping (though I still feel like spending my precious money on food is a waste since I am SUPPOSED to be getting food stamps soon).

Moving on. I will document the rest of my doings in image form.

The following images are a series of before and afters (kind of). They aren't necessarily of the exact same areas, but you get the idea. I felt proud of myself for REALLY cleaning my room for the first time since I got here.

After. Look how sweet Sadie is lying there by my pillows.


After. These two really aren't a before and after. This isn't a very tidy section of the room because of the boxes. But I really have nowhere else to put them. you will notice that I mostly pushed in the drawers.

Here is the best transformation in my opinion.
Before. See if you can spot Sadie in this picture.

After. I use the end of my bed as a kind of desk when I am on the computer because right there is where I get really good reception and I can put The Wicker Chair From Downstairs (working on a story about that one) right at the end of the bed and prop my feet up on the frame. It's not ideal but it works for now since we really don't actually have internet.

And then for the heck of it, here is a close up picture of the random big plant that is in the corner of my room. When I first moved in, Bonnie asked me if I wanted it moved. I asked her what she thought. She said the plant seemed to do well in this room. So I decided that it was fine where it was even though it's just sitting on the floor in the corner. Looking like some odd growth that doesn't really belong. You can see it in some of the earlier pictures.

This is Cosmo. The dog that Bonnie has been babysitting for the last week. He is cute, but 9 months old and Sadie really doesn't like him all that much. He wants to play ALL the time.

This is Sadie putting up with him because I called them both over and they thought they were going to get something. Too bad all they got was their picture taken. This is Sadie right before the butchering of a haircut that I gave her.

This is Sadie just AFTER the butchering of a haircut that I gave her. Her face isn't all that bad if I may say so. I can't say nearly the same for the rest of her.

Unevenness was the word of the day.

The other words of the day were "bald patches". I obviously cut some of it too short. It's hard to gauge how to make things even with hair like hers. It looks like part of her has tassels!

And another better view of how horrible she looks. What can I say? If I wanted her to look good I would have paid money. But for free I can't complain. That part of her is mostly covered anyway. And in my defense, I cut it so short so that it might grow back the same length as the short hair where she had surgery.

A pile of Sadie hair. I'll probably continue to cut her hair, just do it when it is shorter and a little more manageable.

For random fun, this is a wall hanging that Bonnie has. Don't you love all the little people selling little wares? I'm pretty sure she got it in Guatemala.

This is Gail's space. Gail is the woman who works on the grounds of Merryspring. We share the basement office space.

This is MY office space. Not too shabby. The chair isn't all that comfortable.

And here is my desk. And the Mac that I use every day. I am slowly getting used to it.

And just for fun, here at the end, is Reginald. he doesn't get used. We don't have use for a wood stove. But I bet they used him at one time. Too bad. I LOVE the smell of wood stove. I wonder if all wood stoves have names. Herald was the name on the wood stove in my cabin at Bear Brook.

So there you have it folks. Another picture update. It's currently 8 degrees out and it's only going to get colder from here today. Happy Monday.

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Peeser said...

Um, weren't you the one that helped Jamie cut Lizzie's fur? Did you NOT learn from that terrible experience and how utterly ridiculous it made Lizzie look? And more than tassels, it looks like Sadie has shingles, much like Lizzie did (actually, she looked more like a patchwork quilt- without any color...)

Still, I'm impressed you even tried. Good luck with that.

And I am totally jealous of the snow! Please, can you send me enough here to get me at least one snow day? The weathermen keep screwing me over >:-Z

Oh, and I just LOVE your room! It looks pretty awesome!

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