Monday, January 10, 2011

On little details

There is this Tree. A Christmas tree. Just as you are driving into Rockland on 73 going north. And it looks like this.

Look closely. Closer. Yeah. That's right. It's a Christmas tree made of green lobster crates (complete with colorful buoy's), seaweed (It may or may not be real), and to top it all off, a bright red lobstah (not misspelled, according to the locals here) holding up a golden star. Yep. That's what greets me every morning as I come around the bend driving to work. It is the best thing I have ever seen.


I don't have a microwave. I thought this wouldn't be a big deal. It's not, really. But you don't really miss the microwave until you don't have one. I can't make the microwave popcorn that I have. I made tune helper the other night and I can't eat it at home because I have no way of reheating it. So I can only eat it at work where there is a microwave. I can't buy microwaveable meals. No big loss there except I bought several recently because they were fast, easy, and cheap. It's all the little things. I miss having a microwave.

Every other day, there is this little stand set up on the side of the road on a small bridge on highway 1. There, out of the back of his truck, a man sells seafood. Fish, shrimp, lobster, scallops, etc. I wonder if more stands like this pop up in the spring. I think it's wonderful. And as a side note, you have not tasted good shrimp until you have tasted fresh Maine shrimp. I'm talking caught the previous day fresh. Sure, it's early in shrimp season and they are mite small (like popcorn shrimp) but I've never tasted a sweeter and more melt in your mouth shrimp in my life.

There are countless natural food markets here. Well, I CAN count them. There are at least half a dozen on my 15 minute drive to work. I want to stop by them all. I just don't know if any of them take food stamps. I can only imagine that coastal Maine is BOMBARDED by farmers markets in the summer. I can't WAIT! those are a couple little details. More to follow later. Hopefully with pictures.


Peeser said...

I've mostly given up on shrimp (just like I HAVE completely given up on salmon)- but I will concede that if I get a chance to visit you in Maine, I would be willing to try a *bite* of this supposedly melt-in-your-mouth shrimp. Then I'll let you know if it is truly great shrimp ;)

I already love this place you're at, and I haven't even seen it. I'm glad you are enjoying it! Keep on, my friend!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

oooooweeeeee - gotta get me some shrimp! They sound delicious. Maybe someone in your branch has a microwave sitting around in their garage and you can use it?

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