Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On 20 Things I want Out of This Year

  1. I want to take a picture of every sunset I experience in Maine (too late, I've already seen some).
  2. I want to go to Baxter State Park, Acadia National Park, and Camden Hills State Park
  3. I want to go to New York City at least once
  4. I want to sing Rachmaninoff's Vespers with the Down East Singers (This could help me achieve number three)
  5. I want to learn to garden
  6. I want to cook food, not make pbj's or heat frozen dinners
  7. I want to go on at least one date while I am here. Just one. Is that too much to ask?
  8. I want to bond with the woman I live with
  9. I want my dog to fall in love with the new kennel she is getting soon
  10. I want to write letters to everyone
  11. I want to make gifts for people
  12. I want to do something challenging that I have never done before
  13. I want to complete something I started writing
  14. I want to read all the books I brought with me
  15. I want to find a big cushy chair to have in my room
  16. I want to remember the child I used to be while still being able to become the woman I have the potential to be
  17. I want to find an old guitar at a thrift store and save money or new strings, re-string it, and teach myself guitar
  18. I want to visit Bear Brook
  19. I want to fall in love with strolling through down town Rockland
  20. I want to start living my life

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Julina said...

for Acadia National Park, try going on one of the days they don't charge an entrance fee (unless you're already exempt b/c of your job). But if you're not (and in case your readers didn't know about it even if you already did, here are the dates (not including MLK weekend since that's over):

# April 16-24
(National Park Week)
# June 21
(First day of summer)
# September 24
(Public Lands Day)
# November 11-13
(Veterans Day weekend)

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