Monday, October 5, 2009

"Come down from your crystal fortress Strong Bad."

Oh Monday. Why do you hate me so?

Everything was going perfect. And then my car didn't start. If it had been any other Monday, Mom could have just given me a jump and everything would have been fine. But no. This particular Monday, she is filling in for a sick teacher at CIS. So I'm stuck with no other solution but to call Steven and ask him for his help. First, he had to drive all the way over and pick me up, then all the way back so we could open the locked truck and get the jumper cables. Then back home AGAIN to jump my car and finally all the way back to his place.

Steven, I am so sorry you had to deal with that. I owe you big time.

So I missed my first class and was a little late getting Sadie to her appointment at the groomers. The lady is really nice and if the cut turns out okay, I will be taking Sadie there more often.

I finished my take home test. So that is out of the way. Now I have an hour before my next class.

What to do? Blog of course.

Actually, I really don't have much else to say except to list the things that I am nervous about so that they get out there and I feel slightly less anxious about them.

1. Fathead minnow experiment-I still have to find that paper about their development so I can work out a schedule and call the fish breeder and then get this going.

2. Phone interview on Wednesday. I can't decide what I want more. To get the internship or to NOT get the internship. The more I think about it the more things there are to be worried about. Especially money.

3. Finances. I have been spending a lot of money on a lot of needed things and have not ballanced things in a while. I'm sure I'm fine...but it still makes me anxious.

4. Starting projects that are due at the end of the semester.

5. Will my car make it to Indiana this weekend? Especially with it being this cold?

6. Will I even encounter any birds this weekend with the frost coming and all that?

7. Then there is that one thing.

I think that's it right now. I feel better. Though I am wondering if this shirt is bad luck. I was going to wear one shirt and went with another and my car didn't start. If I were a suspicious person I would be burning this shirt. But it's brand new and I like no.

Enya. Love her.

Thirsty. And I forgot a water bottle because of all the hubbub this morning.

Bye now.

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