Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Just beyond the far horizon lies a waiting world unknown "

I'm doing it.

Sometime today.

That is the plan.

Going to call. Probably around 2:00. Tell that that I am coming.

Okay. Call made. A little later than I was going to do at first. But I didn't want to wake up from my nap.

How do I feel?

Excited. Pretty scared. Not sure what is going going to happen.

I get to fill out some paperwork.

I have to buy some things. Things for when I'm out there. But I'm going.

It's official.

I also have "vacation" dates. In the summer. This way if there is anyone who wants to come and say hi, they can during those dates.

And I have to be there earlier than I thought. Sunday January 3rd. That probably means that I will be spending New Years day traveling. Maybe I could spend New Years in Indiana.

I don't know. I'll figure it out.

The point is you all know now.

In January, I am going to New Hampshire for 10 months. Exactly a year from today will be my last day there.

Yes, I am planing on driving up there in my own old run-down car. No, I don't know if it will make it all the way up there.

I cannot believe how soon that is. In fact, I'm kind of freaking out about it.

There is so much I need to do, to buy, to arrange, before I get there.

But I'm doing it.

And that is that.


Tamara said...

Yeah for you! I'm so thrilled you've decided to go. This will change your life...and the cool thing is that you'll have to wait and see just "how" it will change it for the good! You've gotta be scared and nervous more than we'll ever know...but know you have ALL of us rooting for you!!

Peeser said...

Tamara's right- we're all right behind you (that's figuratively, not literally ;)
It is a scary step to take because it's the farthest you'll be from home for a significant amount of time. It will change you. Some changes, you may not be able to control. But remember, you can control how you act. You can still do a lot to determine how you will grow in that time. Stay flexible so you aren't shattered at the first hard trial, but stand firm in matters of principle. You will learn so much- I am excited for you. And I will do my best to be here for you as much as I am able to be. Good luck! Love you!

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