Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I have an audience with the Pope and I'm saving the world at 8..."


The interview.

It was long.

2 hours and 5 minutes to be exact. She was prompt. She called right at 2:00. I think that maybe some of my answers to her questions were too long. So maybe the length of the interview was my fault. But what is better? A short interview where the answers are brief and meaningless or a longer interview with complete and meaningful answers?

Most of the questions were things like "how would you handle this" and "What do you think the challenges and rewards are of this thing" and the like. Questions on leadership, work ethic, keeping morale in tough situations.

The result is this. She will contact me in two weeks to let me know if I got it or not.

Here are some details.

It's 10 months long. The first 4 months (winter) will be spent in groups of three working to complete lesson plans that we will teach to schools 4 days a week. Then we get 10 days of break. The 6 months following will be spent doing conservation projects. 24 days camping in the field in tents (4 days of that we are allowed to do whatever we want) and then 4 days off. Then on to another 24 day project. Thats the basics of it.

What else? I am excited for Indiana and Ohio this weekend. Unless it rains the whole time. That would make it horrible.

Sadie has been groomed. And I did in fact buy her some clothes. I told myself that I would never do that. But it's fall and it gets chilly and she it just so small. So I had to, right? As much as I hate to admit it, she does look really cute.

I am feeling less stressed about things and not so worried. Mom tells me to keep my options open, but in two weeks I will need to decide. So I am going to work on making that decision.

I just hope that when I do, it's the right one. TO be honest I really wish some of these other internships would call me. That way I would have options.

Thats all the new I have.

I am going to take a nap now because that is the best thing to do when it rains.

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