Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Some were born to sing the blues..."

So I just got finished watching the film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore and Gary Oldman.

It's been a while since I have read the book, but I KNOW that's not how the book ended.

I just saw the best shirt ever. It said: "Trust me. I'm a Jedi."

I wish I were best friends with that guy.

Also, I went to the web-site "howmanyofme.com" and found that there are two people in the United States with the name Sarah Lambson. Also the first name that comes up under "similar names" is the name Sadie. How perfect is it that I chose the name Sadie for my dog?

Moving on. We are losing one of the managers at Bobs to the Lees Summit store. Part of me will be glad to have new blood and see him go. There were times when he wasn't the best manager. But I will also miss all the good times that we had together. He was a funny guy and our two years together was basically two years of trying to come up with a cooler "your face" comeback and prove to the other who is the superior being.

Of course he is a classic one-upper and has to be right all the time so our battles were often "won" by him.

Oh well. Time for life to move on. I just hope that this new guy is not worse.

Today has been a quiz day. In fact, it's been a quiz week. One yesterday, two today.

Who makes a 5 question quiz equal 100 points?

what to do with the next 1/2 an hour?

I wish I had a lot to update. Classes are rolling along. Mom asked me today which class was my favorite. I don't LOVE any of them, but Behavioral Biology is the most interesting. Behavioral Ecology would be great if not for the professor. Biometrics is just boring. Human Dimensions also. Geography of Cemeteries would be my favorite if it weren't such a LOOOONG class.'

It's nice to be appreciated for your hard work every once in a while. Sadly this doesn't happen enough at work, though it did on Saturday. Thanks Shawn.

This apple tastes horrible. That makes me sad. I can't wait for awesome not winter apples. Mmmm. I want to go apple picking.

Who's with me?

Oh, and Juli gets a treat for being the only one to tell me she knew the reference from my last post.

Oh yeah. Sadie still has fleas. No matter what we do. I'm just trying to get through until the first frost that will kill all of them. I am sick of flea bites on her and on ME!


gd said...

I am with you--I can't wait for crunchy fall apples!! Honeycrisp apples are awesome, but Pink lady are my favorites---they're like sweet tarts!


Tamara said...

I love my gala apples! And about the flea bites...maybe i'd feel sorry for you if you weren't DE-FLEAING your pet at the DINNER TABLE on Sunday...you're just gross! ha ha hah a ha ha....still ♥ ya, though!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Meeeee for apple picking. Where do we go???

Peeser said...

Jonathan's are where it's at, my friends! (Though, to be honest, I'm okay with almost any apple that is not a red delicious or a granny smith- red delicious are anything but--too bland; granny smith are fine for baking but too tart for eating.)

It's not fair to say Juli told you she knew the reference from your last post without telling the rest of us clueless readers what the reference actually is...

Sorry about the fleas.

I hope fall stays! I don't really want an Indian summer this year, unless it is as mild (or cooler) than this past summer was...

Hooray for Friday!

Emily S. said...

amen to apples! And haha at the Jedi shirt! :)

Love you!

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