Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Glaciers melting in the dea of night superstar sucked into the supermassive..."

Muse. Flying.

They are going to be performing on floating pillars on stage.

I am increasingly envious of those lucky jerks in Europe who get to see Muse in all their stage glory. Here in Missouri they aren't popular enough to get a stadium large enough to do the amazing things they do in Europe.



So my first class was canceled today. That made things more fun.

This space bar is annoying me.

Why do I continue to sit at this computer? It is next to two air vents. I get cold.

Okay. This is me giving in just this once and giving Glee a try. Episode 1, here we go.

So far. Not digging the voice overs. And I think I'm going to have the brunette.

I do hope that the ridiculousness of this show is on purpose.

Drug dealer?

"This looks like barf!" Ha.

"I'll pee!" Ha.

I don't know if this show is good enough to watch each week.


Anyway, moving on with life.

I got two new tires on my car.

That makes me feel better about the vehicle I am driving.

Now I just need to figure out why it's making strange noises and get a stereo installed.

I do like the background music in this show.

Okay, bye.


Tamara said...

hmmmmmm....where'd your "crisis" post go. I'd LOVE to share my experience of how I came ot MO thinking just about the same thing...I was OLD, graduated, and not to hopeful for much....but things just started falling into place. If you feel you should matter how scary life gets, or how much anxiety you feel! Life has a way of getting hectic for a bit, then you will see that it was all a blessing in disguise. Besides...maybe NH has more to offer you than JUST an never know!

Sarah Lambson said...

That I posted it in a moment of tired vulnerability. This morning, I thought to myself...I can figure this out without bothering everyone else. But THANK YOU for the input! I don't know why I am worrying about it since I haven't even been accepted yet. Anyway, I am posting a post that is less pathetic and not just about my crisis.

Thanks for being an attentive sister and friend!

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