Monday, August 31, 2009

"Hungry...I hope there's pudding..."

Guess who decided to call the landlord and have him send HER the check instead of having him send it to ME?

No you don't get to guess.

But I am also not going to tell you.

Oh. My. Gosh. What is she WEARING! I can't stop glancing quickly at the girl next to me. Wow.

So she later informed me that she only intended for the landlord to send her the portion that was HERS because she thought I wasn't going to send her anything even though I assured her I would. I am not sure how true this is. Oh well. she told me I would get my portion.


The second week of classes. Nothing special. I'm just trying to get into my pattern. Some homework done. 1 quiz taken. Some notes transcribed. Nothing consistent. This means I need to try harder.

I work a double this weekend. I realize now that working doubles on weekends won't be as fun because I have classes to worry about.

I am so hungry. Thank goodness I remembered to pack a bit of food. Yum.

I am feeling many things these days.

Hopeful towards the coming semester.

Frustrated at work because they are not cooperating.

Worried about what is going to happen after I graduate.

Excited about all the new people in the University Ward and making new friends.

A little sad that I really have no social life (not to make an awkward "my life is sad" statement bit it's true)

Missing my Music, Movie, TV, Work, Life buddy Kirsten. You are just so far away!

Anxious about money.

Ecstatic about the beautiful weather.

Sympathetic to all those suffering through difficult trials.

Wanting to rip my hair out over this stupid flea thing.

Oh! I got yet another Beta fish. His name it Moist. Those of you who get this reference get a free candy bar the next time I see you.

It is the middle of the week. My two favorite days are approaching. They are in sight. I hope everyone else survives the week okay.

End Transmission.

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