Monday, September 14, 2009

"Everybody loves a potato monkey."

Quote of the day above.

First things first

NEVER DOWNLOAD A VIRUS SCANNER CALLED GREEN AV!!! I will explain why in a little bit. First, a short story.

So I just embarrassed myself.

I got out of my last class 10 minutes early. For some reason I thought that my next class was at 10:00 (because it IS on Wednesday. So went into the dark classroom, turned on the lights and waited for class to start. A few other students trickled in. It wasn't until the FEMALE professor walked in (mine is a MALE) that I realized I was in the wrong class. I had gone to class 1 hour early.

I tried to act all casual and leave like I did all this on purpose.


So now I am blogging about it and wishing that there was a new Psych episode to watch on Hulu.

Now about the Green AV thing. I was surfing the net. Looking up something on google. I was trying to find the script to a rather obscure movie. I clicked on a link that looked promising and all of a sudden this pop-up came up saying that my computer was now being attacked by a bunch of viruses.

I freaked. I remembered that my anti-virus had recently expired and knew that getting a bunch of viruses was possible. A site came up on the internet browser suggesting I download a free virus scanner called Green AV to find the viruses on my computer. I allowed it. Still freaking out.

The scan told me that I had 41 viruses and looked legit. Pop-ups on my desktop kept telling me about all the harmful things trying to damage my computer. Even a Windows alert came up and told me I was in danger. This Green AV thing looked real and kept telling me to purchase the software in order to remove all the viruses on my computer. The software was $99. I was tempted but not stupid. I tried to look up info on Green AV. None of the sites "reviewing" it worked.

I shut down my computer and decided to deal with the problem later.

I looked up Green AV on mom and dads computer. Guess what? Green AV is a hoax. I can't believe I fell for it. It makes bogus scans of you computer and lies to you telling you that you have viruses and that your computer it being attacked. It constantly asks you if you want to fix the problem with all these realistic looking but annoying desk top pop-ups. I tried to get rid of it in the way that was suggested by an online article.

I also downloaded the free trial of AVG. Neither of these things have worked. It is still there. I'm not sure what to do.

The good news: my computer has no viruses. The bad news: these pop-ups are relentless and get in the way of the normal work I try to do.

I'll work it out at some point. A curse horrible people who do illegal and dishonest things!

I love Chris Cornell by the way.

AHHHH!! I just remembered! The Resistance come out TOMORROW! I don't get it until Thursday the 17th. BUT THAT IS STILL REALLY EXCITING!

Okay, I'm done.

Happy Monday.


Tamara said...

you know....have you tried doing a "system restore"?...I THINK that is what it's called. It is where you go back and set your computer to a previous files are lost, but anything downloaded since that date would be erased. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. You should look into it...I don't know much about Toshiba's, but with HP, it comes already preloaded on the hard drive, and I LOVE it....similar things have happened to me, and it is a wonderful tool that will get rid of your bug (hopefully).

Peeser said...

Bummer, man. At least you don't have all the viruses it claimed you did, but having that constant pop-up is almost as bad.

And WHY hasn't Hulu gotten the latest episode of Psych?!? >:-( I even checked the USA website to see if they had it on there to watch- nope. Grrr...

Here's hoping your computer gets better soon!

Sarah Lambson said...

Tamara, it worked! Thank you SOOOO much for the suggestion!

My computer is functioning normally now!


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