Monday, September 21, 2009

"No ones gonna take me alive..."

This morning, the day decided to start off by ruining my breakfast.

I was carrying a pop-tart and a bowl of Kixs to the car. I managed to spill the bowl of cereal all over me and my pop-tart. I was already cutting it close.

I had to get a new bowl of cereal, a new not soggy pop-tart, and a new shirt.

This made me late for class.

Later, I got a call form work. They need someone to work tonight at 5:00. I was really excited to go to FHE. So do I take the shift or not? Now that is going to be bothering me all day.

I can only guess what the rest of the day holds for me.

I am currently beginning my preliminary search for colleges that have Graduate programs in Behavioral biology/ecology or animal behavior.

I have not gotten many promising results. But I don't really know the best way to begin searching.

Okay, evil teddy bears. If you like Muse at all, click this link. It's a little strange, but what can you say? They're British.

Kirsti (or if you like to play guitar hero), if you are reading this, click this link. WTC?!? There is no way I could do that.

Okay. Enough of that. I am wasting too much time. I have an exam tomorrow I should be studying for.

Gosh, my hands are cold.

Actually, I have just a few more things.

If you like Dr. horrible or NPH you need to check out this link and this one.

Done and done.

Happy Monday everyone.

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Kirsti said...

Love the links! Especially that British guy playing Stockholm Syndrome. It looks RIDICULOUS!

Anyways, have a great week despite the crappy Monday.

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