Saturday, January 3, 2009

A great start...or not

I'm barely three days into the new year and already I feel unappreciated and underpaid.

I know work rants are boring so I will be brief.

Tonight, I made very little money. The worst tip I got was the worst tip I have received in a while. It was an 11-top. I had volunteered hoping to get a good tip off of it. Unfortunately, we got busy and I wasn't able to give them the attention I wanted. Their ticket came to almost $100. Guess how much they left me?

$10? Nope. GO lower. Apparently 10% was to rich for their blood.

$7? $5? Still too high.

$3. Thats all I got. When I saw the three lonely bills laying scattered on the table I wasn't too worried. They had split the checks and many probably paid with credit. So I was shocked and disgusted when I saw a long line of zeros on my credit tip report. Three dollars. Thats a 3% tip. The least they could have done was act like the service had been bad. They seemed happy enough as they left and were very polite. So I got my hopes up. Plus that leads me to think they are just cheap. If they acted unhappy that at least tells me that I deserved a poor tip. Anyway, I think that anyone at a restaurant who is intelligent enought o see how busy we are should be kind wnough to leave a decent tip. But some people have lost all treces of human generosity.

There were a few good tips tonight. But not enough to make up for what I lost because of this 11-top table. Because of them I wasn't able to properly take care of my other tables. So I got poor tips off them as well. Lots of $2 tips.

I lose the "lets keep this short and to the point" game.

As a side note because of occurances on Thursday, I have been feeling that my managers are taking advantage of my generosity and spinelessness. They ask, I do. What do I get in return? I half-hearted, after thought thanks. Juli got to hear the whole story about this. I will spare you all. If you really want to hear the whole thing, feel free to ask me. You know I lofe the chance to rant and rave about work.

It seems that the more I work at a place, the more I see how flawed the management system is. I think I get big headed. I left Candlelight lodge because they wouldn't give me the hours I needed and because I thought they were felling apart due to some poor management decisions. I left Movie Gallery because they wouldn't give me the raise I deserved and because I knew the company was and still is a sinking ship. Management at my current place of employment is okay overall, but they seem to lack morals when it comes to professionalism. And they also have some problems with porcedure sometimes. I'll get over it. I'm kinf of on my high horse right now. I really am more like Spencer than I ever thought possible. I'm just not that vocal in my complaints. I try to be. But you all know that I am non-confrontational.

In other news, there really not any other news. I saw Australia. Beckie, I will send you an e-mail with my detailed review. But in a few words, I loved it.

Just an FYI to any and all regular readers-I will be posting more often on my other "creative" blog. I told myself that I need to write (or type) something every day and I am going to use my other blog as one of my medium. This blog will be, as usual, a place to update my life so I can stay connected. Feel free to visit my other blog and comment if you wish-but its mostly there for my sanity and as an outlet.

Okay thats all. Time to go to bed. I've been going to bed way to late these past couple days. Thats pertially because I have been trying to train my body to get used to 7 hours of sleep rather than 8 so that one school nights where I only get 6 I wont be as tired.

Right. This time I mean it. Goodnight.

I'm so bad at that. Ask Dad.


Steven said...

Sarah- couple of thoughts:

First, I love the little nuggets of random/creative/off-the-wall thoughts on your writing blog.

Second, work sucks. Trust me. And I know exactly what it feels like to be the yes-man: the guy who always stays to close the salad bar because the yutz whose job it is called in sick (translate: hung over), or the one who agrees to pick up a shift because someone decided the work force isn't their cup of tea (how else they'll pay for their DWI tickets and drugs, I don't know). I finally just started taking D.A.R.E.'s advice and said no. I'll confess, sometimes I'd lie as to the reason, but I finally said no. Now, I'm not telling you to do the same- you're a better person than I am. It just sucks to see you go through so much because of your over-sized heart (over-sized in a good way, not like the "John Q" little kid way).

And finally, I wouldn't be surprised if, with the tough economy, people made New Year's resolutions to be absolute buttholes when it comes to tipping. Nice to see they're keeping those resolutions so far (read with thick sarcasm).

Love you, sis- feel free to call me and rant/rave/unload any time- I love a good rant!

gd said...

Add me to the 'Enjoys a Good Rant' list--especially about restaurant work. Man, it's tough to not let a situation like this ruin your night! I worked at Steak n Shake with Elise for a grand total of SEVEN days and I could not believe the 25-cent tips, the utterly unfair management practices, and the expectations of us, particularly for sidework, when we make barely over $2 an hour.

Sorry you had a rough night. :(


Peeser said...

Well, I hate that you feel underappreciated at work. I have been there before (the Hobby Lobby manager was definitely scant in his praise of anything and anyone...). I think I got pretty lucky with Cracker Barrel (Yes, Juli, say what you will about the place, I have never really had a problem with any of the managers I have worked under). Of course, I think the reason I feel more appreciated in recent months (i.e since I started teaching) is because I created one key thing: scarcity. Yes, by making myself a little more scarce, I think they have come to appreciate the value of a good server (not that they don't have good servers that work there on a regular basis, but with many who are mediocre, it makes them appreciate the good servers even more...).

I do hope they realize what they have in you and learn to appreciate it before you get too fed up...

(p.s. I usually have some afternoon time if you want to rant- Juli and I do it all the time. It's how we help each other stay sane ;)

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