Friday, January 23, 2009


...End Of The Week.

And what an ending it will be. I have class until 12:00. Then I go home, relax for MAYBE an hour. Then I work from 2-close.

I brought this on myself. I wouldn't have picked up the 2-5 shift if I didn't need the money.

So things have gotten a little better since Wednesday. I feel less pressure now that the first week is coming to a close.

Maybe I should stop sitting in this cold little corner. It's right by the window. But it's more secluded than other seats and therefore quieter.

I'm not sure all of you know, but a few weeks ago I received a check from the university. It's a pretty large chunk of money. In the past I have never received so much. Also, the university has a tendency to send me refund money and then several weeks later tell me that I OWE them at least half of what they sent me. So I'm not sure the money is even mine to spend. I am waiting. But if it is in fact mine, I will soon be purchasing a laptop! I am trying not to get too excited about it.

So I am reading Beowulf for the first time. It is a rather strange story. Obviously fantastical. But trying to be realistic at the same time. One of those. I find it interesting that Grendel can be killed simply by the decapitation of his arm. Especially since he is described as such a horrible and formidable foe. I am reading this online via a website I found, so this could be a horrible translation. Have any of you read Beowulf? Is this really what happens?

Anyway. I really enjoy the topic of my 8:00 class (folklore and field research). I just dont much care for the time. I dislike 8:00 classes for many reasons.

1. It's early. I know I had to wake up at 5:00 or 5:30 for seminary and marching band, but those days are far past. My body doesn't like the early hour.

2. I have to eat breakfast early. My stomach isn't ready for food at that point. so when 9:30 rolls around, I am all rumbly in my tumbly again.

3. It means that I will have been up a lot longer than usual for my 8 hour shift tonight. I forsee being tired once 8:00pm rolls around. And I will still have at least two hours to go.

Boy my life is fascinating. I went from talking about my refund check to describing my dislike of early classes. Why can't I be writing about how much pain I'm in because I had to wrestle a horiffic beast that can't be harmed by weapons ( did he manage to rip his arm off? And how is that enough to do Grendel in?)

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