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24 Season Premier.

See my real time comments on 24 Redemption when I watched it yesterday if you feel like it.

This, for those of you interested, is my brief review of the first part of the 4 hour season premier. The last two hours will be tonight at 7:00pm. I am sad because I will be working. And every Monday I will be at FHE so I will miss it every week. Thank goodness for the internet and full streaming episodes.

On to the review.

First I would like to say that I called the whole "Tony faked his death and is now a bad guy because he blames the U.S. government for his crappy life" plot line.

I did not think Jack would catch up to him so quick. I was sure that the Tony/Jack face off would come much later creating more tension.

Note that so far Tony has not killed anyone. I am willing to forgive him his wrongs as long as that remains the same.

Funny how the guy who plays Tonys informer was also the horrible spineless UN guy from 24 Redemption. Now they need to bring Carl in for some random bit part that lasts only 1 episode.

I can't get over how young the First Mans (is that proper terminology for the female presidents hubby?) secret service shadow is. He looks about 23. I might be able to accept 25-27. Still that seems rather young.

I like President Taylor but she seems a little threatening. I would not want to be on her staff. If I gave her a wrong look she may fire me.

The brief scene with the trial was good but not long enough. I wanted more of Jack telling the world that he did what he had to for his country and doesn't regret his decisions. On that topic, as I listened to Jacks reasoning for the things he did I was not satisfied. He said he would do ANYTHING to achieve his objective. That makes him seem heartless. The truth is he would do anything unless it meant compromising innocent lives. We all remember how we thought he killed children in season 2 and it was all a trick.

It is a shame that the whole first hour went by and the only violence was a car accident. That is what 24 has done to me. I want to see some kick-butt action. I suppose that makes me a horrible person.

I wonder where the "Mr. Taylor is crazy obsessed with his sons death" plot is going. I have a feeling that it's just another one of those filler plots. One that will probably fall off the face of the show in a week or two and were all left wondering "what was the point?"

I miss Chloe. I was really hoping she would have already made her appearance.

I will say again that as long as we are resurrecting characters, we HAVE to bring back Chase. Any one second that? Steven? Elise?

I'm glad that Jack sees the reasoning behind his trial. I am also glad that random FBI agents out there think that it's wrong and pointless.

As much as we all want Jack to be with Audrey I have a feeling that there is going to be some sexual tension between him and this new FBI chick.

I watched the 4 minute recap of season 6 on the special features of the 24 redemption dvd. The sum-up just confused me even more. I'm used to my shows having some sort of cohesive plot. There was none of that in season 6. I still can't get over that shady agent that looked menacing for one scene and then never showed up again.

I agree that it's quite convenient that the senate told Jack his hearing will re-convene in 24 hours. Way to ensure another season. I was so psyched for a trial lasting at least 1 episode. No dice. Now I have to wait another year for that one.

Dave Barry's blog is amusing- as usual. I agree that the 2 hours was slower than most. But I would rather have slow with some inkling of a plot than mindless fast paced action with NO plot. I didn't think it was too bad. Maybe we'll get to see a deeper side of Jack. Static characters are no good right?

Who else is disappointed that Watchmen is rated R?

Okay, thats all I got for the first part of season 1. Tomorrow I will grant all your wishes and give you a review of the premier part two. Supposedly there is a big surprise coming. And that surprise is that Tony is working with Audrey to take over the world.


Steven said...

Here comes the Nitpicker!!!!

Okay, good review- I loved the premiere as well, can't wait to watch Part II this morning (Tuesday) after work.

A few things:

1) The Tony informer (who got sniped) is played by a different actor than the lame U.N. worker in "Redemption." They look similar, but different actors.

2) The proper term for a female President's husband is "First Gentleman." I think they said it once or twice in the show, but it was quiet and hard to hear. It makes sense- "ladies and gentlemen...First Lady, First Gentleman."

3) Technically we can't resurrect Chase since he never died. But we can bring him back. But only if his cut-off hand was replaced by some cool bionic gadget that makes everyone actually do what Jack recommends. And a grenade launcher. And a Sprite dispenser.

4) I like President Taylor. Funny how it took a woman to be the first president with cajones since David Palmer.

5) I thought it was abrupt that we see the Taylor son in "Redemption" and now all of a sudden he's dead. Could be interesting (remember the menacing look Jon Voight gave the son in "Redemption?"

6) I'm not disappointed or surprised that "Watchmen" is rated R. I have no desire, whatsoever, to see it. Though I would watch that before "Twilight" or "P&P."

Okay, until tomorrow's review (can't wait!)

Peeser said...

I'm a little slow to comment, only because I did not have time to watch teh Sunday night stuff until tonight (I will have to wait until Thursday to finish what went on on Monday).

Overall, I agree with the review. The explanation of Tony's mysterious resurrection is acceptable, though a little too vague for my taste. However, since it is not some weird, crazy, totally off-the-wall explanation, I will take it.

Yes, they do call the president's husband, "First Gentleman." I remember hearing it and thinking, that makes sense that they would call him that.

I like the President- I agree with Steven- I think she will kick butt in a good way, like Palmer (Awwww, seeing an Allstate commercial with Dennis Haysbert in it made me remember the good ol' Palmer days- can't he be our president?)

I also like the idea of bringing Chase back (Yeah, I could totally buy into the bionic gadget hand idea!)- it probably won't happen, though.

I like the way Jack cuts down the smug senator- I like the point he makes that he is willing to let the PEOPLE be the ones to judge him and determine the consequences of his actions...but that he does NOT regret his decisions, especially in the face of obnoxiously smirking senators who think they have the upper hand.

Let's see, what else...?

Um, I think Agent Walker seems cool and kick-butt (I agree that there will probably be something between her and Jack)

I don't even remember the shady agent from Season 6 that Sarah is talking about...that shows how memorable he is...

I do think it was interesting to see some unexpected faces--i.e. Janeane Garofalo (who will be in for the whole season) and Peter Wingfield (who plays one of my favorite Highlander characters, now playing Tony's cohort, at least for a couple of episodes...)

Finally, I like how the first two-hour segment ends with Jack asking the same thing we have all been thinking (even if we have a good idea of what the answer is): What happened to you? What the h*** happened to you?

The way Jack says it is such pained disbelief-as well as the way Tony continues to look at him with detached contempt- makes the whole scene that much more meaningful...

Okay, I'm done with this epic entry. When Sarah posts her next review, I'll follow up with another epic response :)

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