Wednesday, January 14, 2009

24 premire part two

In the spirit of Dave, comments occur in real time.



Uh-oh, he's in transit. Thats about as safe as a perimeter.

6 Days? Apparently you all forgot the name of the show.

Ooooh! Jacks sporting the sunglasses.

Were surprised that the sniper got through the perimeter? I'm pretty sure he could ahve done that without help.

Oh yeah, Tony is SO not talking. You can just tell by the look on his face.

Who wants to bet that either Gold or Hillinger are the security leak?

"You're running out of time..." aren't we always?

WOAH!!! Tony, Bill, Chloe...bu...ju...wha...What?!? I can't wait until they tell me where the heck this is going.

President Taylor asks how this happened...You shut down CTU and ran off Jack Bauer. Thats what.

The federal government is corrupt. Of course. When is the government not corrupt?

Aww...Chloe told Jack he looked good. You know who else looks good? Bill. I'm diggin' the scruffy look. Much better than the prmi, propper, suit variety.

So...Tony is good? Wow, it didn't take them long to play that card. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic. But after all that "Tony is evil" hype? I dont know. It seems abrupt. There has GOT to be more there.

Gold is gonna die or get hurt or be the leak in this scene. One of those three.

Or just confronted. Anti-climactic. Of course there is an explanation that gets Hillinger off the "mole" hook.

Aw, were suffocating someone just like old times. Brings back memories of season one and George Mason.

"Anyting is possible if you know what you're doing." And Chloe knows what she is doing. Unfortunally I think Gold is going to prove formidible.

YAY! Jack and Tony together! Just like old tiomes. I feel so happy.

Perimeter. Hah. Yeah right. Like there was a perimeter that could hold Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida.

Yep, "really good" is the biggest understatement describing Chloe in the history of the world.

"This is going to hurt." Hahaha...

That was just about the coolest thing ever (meaning the car out the parking garage stunt). Jack, way to pull through for me buddy. I knew you would do something way awesome before long.


HOUR FOUR (I dont know about you, but watching on Hulu makes me sick of the trailer for Taken. Is Liam supposed to have an accent or not? He kind of sounds like Mr. Dramatic movie tralier Voice.)

And...we have recap. Thank goodness for minimum White House sub-plot so far.

Who else thinks the presidents sons girlfriend is stringing the First Gentleman along?

Maybe Larry Moss is the mole.

Wow, Kanin and Taylor. Do we really have to repeat the problem? WE all know what is going on. YOU all know what is going on...lets just waste time in the episode by nutshelling, shall we?

Aw. The empty hull of CTU.

Sad. Tony WAS a bad guy. The tragic villian. I KNEW he couldn't just be GOOD after all that.

"It's just us." Like you would need anyone else.

The more this plot goes on the more I dislike Henry Taylor. I understand the need to look into what happened to his son, but with all that is going on? Can't it wait?

"I'll do what has to be done" I sure hope so. I hope Tony isn't a double-double agent.

Oh jeez. Tony has to kill Jack. This early on we know that wont happen. "They'll get out of it..." Of course they will. Where have we seen Emerson before? I know he was in Highlander, but I never watched that. He's been in some of Charmed and First Wave but as far as I ven tell nothing that I would really remember him from. Oh well.

Everyone is going "Phew!" right about now.

Hillinger is going to be in so much trouble.

C'mon Tony. Jack doesn't underestimate anybody. But everybody underestimates Jack.

And in the midst of it all we follow Henry. Where oh where is this going? I forsee another Sandra Palmer/Walid plot.

Oh, Oh, OOOOHHH. The Dead Roger plot leads us to the mole in the presidency. Got it. Wow, I'm surprised the writers pulled something like this off.

Walker want's to be as awesome as Jack. I wonder if she has the guts to do what she has to.

Go Walker! I'm glad you had it in you. But now she looks like she wants to cry.

Walker is totally going in alone.

Mutobo's wife also looks familiar. (Looks it up) Oh! She was the wife of the divorging black couple in Enchanted!

Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Boom.

So far so good. Of course, season 6 started out real promising too. I mean we found out that Jack's brother was Blue Tooth guy and Jack bit someones juglar to get out of custody. Jack killed Curtis and a Nuclear bomb went off. Then it was all down hill from there. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Also, there are a ton of things left hanging from season 6. Chloe fainting? What was that? And Morris? Whatever happened to him? Speaking of Morris, he was credited on the cast list for the third episode. I'm pretty sure I never saw him. Unless he was an extra. Man I really disliked season 6.

Thats all. Sorry it's so long. I dont think I will ever post an episode review like this again.


Steven said...

I don't think there will be a romance between Jack and Walker. I hope not. Romantic tension is EXACTLY the reason so many shows get screwed up. Not necessarily "24," but lots of others (see Kate in "Lost").

Good recaps. I think it's particularly ironic that the guy who plays President Motobo is the same guy who played a terrorist in "Casino Royale." Funny how that works. He gets owned by James Bond, dies, reincarnates, realizes terrorism is no good for him, goes into politics, becomes President of Sangala, and is about to get owned by Jack Bauer. This guy needs to quit.

And I KNEW I saw Motobo's main guard from somewhere (the guy who says the safe room can't be opened from the outside)- he played Yemi, Mr. Eko's brother on "Lost."

So I agree- so far, so good. Interested to see where Tony ends up at the end of the season. And no, I don't like Bill's new look. His hair looks kinda girly.

Peeser said...

Well, I have finally watched the rest of the premier, and all I can really say is... HOly Cow, I can hardly wait for Mondays again!!!!!

...Okay, that's not all I can say- obviously, I also have comments on the show, on Sarah's review, etc...

Let's see...the twist in Tony's plot: unexpected, but not surprising, and pleasant. I, too, hope that he doesn't prove to be a double agent- I kind of doubt it (that may just be hope speaking, because I, too, loved seeing Jack and Tony back again- such a formidable pair).

When Bill tells Jack, "IT's just us," I also thought, That's all you need, anyway...

I've wondered if Moss is the mole, though I wouldn't put Hillinger off the hook...

I think Jack has already rubbed off on Walker- we'll see how she does with that...

Um, bad guy or no, I still think Emerson is hot...

Speaking of hot, Tony is still hot, Bill is still a stud (though I have to say, I prefer the more polished, business suit look), and Jack's hair is long again (I often giggle at that because it makes me think of the MST3K-style comments STeven and I would make in watching Season 1: "Pssst! Jack! The terrorists can see you because your long hair is poking up over the top of the car!")

BTW- Whatever happened to Karen? I'm also wondering where Morris went...

I think my brain is starting to get fuzzy- it's late- I think I wanted to say something else about the show, but I can't remember. If I think of it, I'll post again.

Fans of 24- UNITE! (boy, we are such nerds! Now, who can't wait for LOST?!)

Peeser said...

I remembered the other thing I was going to mention- Sarah, I don't know if this will help you or not, but the guy that plays Emerson (Peter Wingfield) had a small role in X2 (he was one of the head soldiers in Stryker's group)...

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