Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First day plus an hour.

It's barely the first week of classes and I'm already feeling stressed. I blame that fully on today and checking my e-mail.

Yesterday was fine. I had one class and no lab.

My first class was Animal Population dynamics. It studies animal populations and the dynamics associated with them. Or more specifically, what affects the growth and decline of animal populations. The teacher is somewhat shy. I don't think the class will be as hard as I was expecting at first. The rest of my day was spent like all my days during break. Doing nothing. I tried to catch up on 24 and The Office, but my internet was being uncooperative. Work was even okay. I almost made $50. That is amazing for a Tuesday night.

Today dawned early. I had class at 8:00am. Blah, but I'll get over it. This class was Introduction to Folklore and field research. My first impression are that this class will be fun and fascinating. We all know how first impressions go.

After we were done with our little "get to know you" exercise we went over the syllabus. A typical first day. I made my way down to the A&S computer lab and plopped myself in my favorite corner. All was well until I opened up my mizzou e-mail account.

First I got to read about how I am slacking on my new calling as a ticket promoter for the MoTab concert. Great, another thing to worry about. They told me, after I had accepted, that they dont want me to feel overwhelmed. I didn't until I realized that I wasn't doind what I'm supposed to be. Plus I still feel like I dont really know what I'm supposed to be doing.

I fail.

Next I open the e-mail from my Resource practicum professor (practicxum is basically the capstone). We are meeting to go on a field trip on the first day. Great. We will get back sometime between 5:30 and 6:00. EVEN BETTER!!! That means that I probably wont be to work on time even though Shawn shanged my schedualed time to 6:00. Oh the joy. I text my trainee Amanda telling her to be there at 5:00 and if I'm not there to do a few things until I show up. I also tell her that I want her to say until 7:00. She replys that she will be there at 4:30 and will leave at 6:30. Um, okay. I thought I was the one assigning the schedule. I need to be more assertive. If she doesn't stay until 7:00 I dont think she will be ready to have her own tables by Friday. I am so frustrated with this girl.

Then I decide to read the family chain e-mail. Pretty much all bad news. That makes me feel guilty for thinking my life is frustrating.

So, now I am venting on my blog. The best place to go. I have a class in 20 minutes and another one 10 minutes after that which is about a 10 minute walk away. THEN I have another class at 3:30. 3.5 hours later. I knw it's wasting gas, but I think I am going home in that time. Maybe grocery shopping. I am not prepared mentally/physically/technologically for that 3.5 hour wait.

By that I mean I am already stressed about work and I wish I had thought to bring my work clothes to campus with me. I forgot to pack a lunch. And I don't have my iPod or a set of headphones with me so the 3.5 hours would be suffered in unbearable slience. All I remembered to bring was an old entertainment weelky and a book. Ug. So much for being prepared for today.

I have to go soon. I have a million knots in my stomach now. I'm sure they will have dissappeared by tomorrow (at least I hope so). Sorry for the downer. Sometimes you just have one of those days. Unfortunatly, I think it's going to be one of those months.

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Peeser said...

Hang in there! I remember the stressed, overwhelmed feeling that would sometimes come on the first (or second) day of classes--it's especially frustrating when you see an extensive syllabus full of things you know you won't have time to do (or, like me, things you probably won't make time to do until you absolutely have to...) Yes, it's not fun, but you'll get through it. You might even manage to avoid getting ulcers! ;)

The key thing is to find the pockets of joy to look forward to (e.g. new episodes of favorite shows, a visit from siblings &/or an adorable nephew, even just hearing your favorite song come up on your iPod or the radio...)

I'll try to remember to keep you in my prayers, in the meantime!

Love ya-

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