Saturday, December 27, 2008


Today might have started off good, but boy did kick my butt later to make up for it.

Some biscuits and gravy, stuffed french toast...finish it off with a little Arrested Development.

All in all a very successful 9-11 am. The tornado sirens went off. Nothing exciting. The rain was pretty torrential.

The bad stuff begins the second I set foot in my car. I immediately notice the lake that has formed in the passenger side foot well. My car is leaking from the roof, the light at the front of the car and from lower down (it looks likes it's coming from the glove compartment). Wet, wet and wetter. This does not bode well. I start driving, angry that my car is wet. I am also afraid for my windshield wipers due to their spotty performance lately.

Everything is okay as I drive home to pick up a few things. Its as I head out to meet Ben and Jenni for Lunch that things become a problem. First, my wipers get tangled. Of course. They untangle quickly but they are a little bent and there is no guarantee that they wont do it again. So I put them on low which is a problem because it is raining so hard and I am now on the interstate. This is when things get a little foggy. Literally. My windshield and all my windows fog up and no amount of defrost seems to help. I try everything. Nothing works. Eventually I have to resort to using an old t-shirt to wipe the moisture off the inside of the windshield.

So here I am, ineffectual defrost blasting, windshield wipers doing little to nothing for my visibility. One hand in on the steering wheel, the other is doing a constant circular motion trying to keep the moisture at bay. My arm is tired, I can barely see and I am going 45-50 mph on the highway. I think to myself the on thing that you NEVER think when things are bad : "how can this get any worse?"

It does. There is a crack in my windshield, right? This crack is such that there is splintered glass protruding from the top left corner of the windshield. Guess what happens? I cut my finger on it. I admit that I screamed in frustration. I'm not usually vocal in my anger but I could not help it.

Somehow I managed to get off 70 at the stadium exit and into the mall parking lot without dying. And I stayed there. Ben was ale to pick me up. It was the most frustrating and horrible driving experience I have ever had. I never cried, but I got pretty close.

The shorter story is that I had a lot of fun with Ben and Jenni. The trio reunited. Man we had some good times. As much fun as it is to get everyone together, it's mice for it to be just the three of us sometimes. We went to El Maguay...always delicious. We chatted. We laughed. Jenni made Ben feel horrible for never calling any of us or keeping in touch. I gave them their presents.

Then we went to go see The Spirit. Ben and Jenni thought it was ridiculous and stupid. They laughed the whole time but not in a good way. Ben said the only reason he didn't walk out was because it looked like I was enjoying myself. And I was. IF you have ever read a comic book or a graphic novel, you know that they are formatted in a very over the top, in your face way. It could even be called cheesy. That is exactly what this movie was like. And it was amazing. The cinematography was fantastic, the line delivery was great. Samuel L. Jackson was fantastic. It was really well done. And I KNEW that the guy who played Denny Colt was the guy from that show The Others. That was a great show. I'm sad it didn't last.

Anywho, I now have to throw down a bunch of money to fix my car. And that makes me sad.

Moral of the story? Dont put off car repairs until you almost die. The Spirit is a good movie. You shold see it. Never let go of your best friends.

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Tamara said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't die! That sounds pretty trecherous to me. I hope it doesn't cost an arm & a leg to fix the car...I'd give you Steven's, but then again you'd probably just be inheriting more car problems...the thought of a new car is nice though (until you think about the gazillions of car payments...UGH!)

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