Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had a pretty unpleasant morning today. It's my own fault. I like things to follow a pattern and when that pattern gets thrown off I have a tendency to get a little irritable. It's on thing that I don't like about myself. Class this morning didn't make things better.

I am feeling happy now, however. I love sitting in the computer lab and updating my life and finding out how my family and friends are doing. I love the warmth of the room and the feeling of typing. It makes me happy.

What makes me happiest right now is the snow. I love nothing more on a cold and gray winter day than seeing fat white flakes falling from the dull sky. Last night was all drizzle and freezing rain and muck. No fun at all. Winter is not worth it without the snow. So when I walked from my class to the computer I had a smile on my face. The unpredicted precip. has made my day.

So I am in the process of applying for an internship for a non-profit organization called the Student Conservation Association. They provide all expenses paid opportunities all over the country. You fill out an application and they find the best internship to fit what qualifications you have. It would be an all summer thing and may even go into the first week of fall classes. I am really excited about this and I hope that I get accepted somewhere. I'll take anywhere but I am really hoping for the northwest or the northeast. I really want to go somewhere north. Though I wouldn't mind Utah, Colorado or Arizona. Anyway, I have to be applied by Friday. I'm just waiting on references to confirm it's okay that I use them. This would be a wonderful oppritunity to get some experience in my field since I can't afford study abroad. It would be the longest time I have spent away from home and that is something I really need to experience right now I think. Be praying for me.

Other than that I don't have much to report. Classes are moving along. Midterms are next week. I have a 6pg paper due in two weeks. Valentines day is in two days and I have no one to share it with as usual. I m okay with that at the moment. But that does always take the glamor off of the holiday.

I'm hungry because I forgot my lunch at home :(

Stupid bad morning. Everything was off.

That's fine. Today is a good day. I am determined.


emily said...

that last line is key... something i have to do sometimes: convince myself it is still a good day, in spite of whatever...

love your updates, too, sis.

Julina said...

Hope you had a better Wed...

Keep us posted re: the internship process (I will be praying for you).

And have a fun V-day (do at least *something* fun - put pink food coloring in your milk, see how high you can stack up conversation hearts, google "valentine games" and pretend like you're a kid again with heart-y coloring book pages or mazes or word searches...)

I'm going to a 5th & 6th grade basketball tournament to support one of my favorite (I know I shouldn't have favorites...) students. Yay! (Oh yeah, and I'm planning to get my tires rotated... oh, and don't forget driving for hours in the oddly beautiful - odd that it should be beautiful - Indiana winter countryside...)

Remember I love you.

Take care,


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