Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mid-term week

Oh the wonderful week of mid-terms. Where does the time go?

My water is delicious. Strawberry banana protein/fiber infused H2O. Yummy.

I have too much to do this week and not enough motivation to do it. I sure picked the week to start closing on Tuesdays. More money, less time. I have to be the "caretaker" of some regulars that some every Tuesday and Friday. June(wife) and Jean(husband). They are both very nice, but June is one of those people who will talk to you for 1/2 an hour. She needs no encouragement, She'll just keep going and you have to make up and excuse to leave that doesn't sound too rude. Oh that will be fun.

There is this guy sitting across from me in the Comp. lab. He looks like he got 1 hour of sleep last night. I always feel bad for the people who are like this the week of mid-terms. He keeps looking at me...like maybe he's embarrassed that he laid his head down for 10 minutes. I don't blame him. I really should be doing productive things. But I am so bad at the motivation thing. I have 2/3 of 1/3 of a paper done. Meaning that I have 1.5 pages of a 6 page paper done. Thats not much, but I'm getting there.

I saw "Annie" last night and it was really good. My only issue was Mrs. Hannigan being a little flat and Annie looking frightening at the end. Her straight red hair was now under a horrible red fro wig that was supposed to look more like the original Annie. It was actually quite horrific.

I don't know when or if I am going to get a response concerning this internship. I assume that after a few weeks I'll have some sort of info. It's only been 4 days. I'm just antsy.

Thats about it. I just wanted do a little update as if my life were all that interesting.


emily said...

you boob. it's interesting to ME.

So keep updating!

*I* feel like I got one hour of sleep. I'd love to put MY head down for 10 minutes!!


Julina said...

Ditto from me (especially since you don't call anymore, and I don't know when to call you...)

So tell me more about Annie, and mid-terms (it seems hard to believe that you've already gotten to mid-terms - and yet February seems to be taking FOREVER...)

And meanwhile, have a good day (you guys get snow?)

Love you,


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