Monday, February 4, 2008

Spring into February

I know it's irrational weather and it's not supposed to be this way. But I can't help but love it.

Outside, flashes of electricity tear paths across the darkness. It's 8:30 on February 4th and there are storms brewing to the north and east. Lightning always makes me feel a little reckless and irrational. I wanted to spend the whole night driving around town with the windows down. I wanted to go fast.

I had to content myself with the 5 minutes to the food bank and then back home again. I did spend sometime in the front yard watching the sky. The air was filled with the delicious smells of rain and warmth. I love winter and I know that it's still too early for warm weather. But it is nice to have these little windows into spring. Tomorrow it will be gone. A mix of snow and rain is coming. The snow we had on Thursday was not nearly enough and lasted only a few days before the sun and Sundays storms washed it all away.

As much as I love this season, I am really looking forward to the cool breezes. To waking up to the sound of birds (Ornithology has given me this irrational desire to go bird watching when it gets warm). I long for the smells of growing things. And most of all I yearn for the storms. For soothing rumbles and exhilarating crashes. For forks of electricity to dazzle me. I got a small taste of all this tonight and it leave me wanting more.

Oh well, now to work. I've spent the last few days spending a lot of my free time sleeping. It's good for me. Gives my body a chance to recuperate. But I can't let myself get behind in my readings. And I have two quizzes in my hardest class on Thursday.

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emily said...

satisfying to read, sis. Love the descriptive edge.

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