Monday, February 25, 2008

A little slow down with a dash of pre-interview butterflies

Boy do I ever have some updating to do. Here is goes folks...

First of all, midterms are over. Thank goodness for that. I think it's a good sign that the studying process is herder than the test itself. That means I studies well and hopefully did well on the exam. I found out that I got an A- on my Stat exam. I wasn't too worried about that. I hope to know about my plant class by the end of today. i have no idea when my paper for Genetics will be graded. I'm elated that I have no big things to worry about for the next couple of weeks. It's made me almost chipper today.

Secondly, my SCA application has been sent to three locations as of today. Rhode Island, New York and California. I called all three places and as luck would have it they are probably all out in the field. So I left messages. I think I would have rather got it all over with then. Now all I can do is wait. Perhaps they will all be e-mail freaks and rather e-mail me than call long distance or whatever. I am really hoping for the California just because I would be working in Lava caves. I would love to go out east or northwest. But c'mon, LAVA CAVES!! How awesome would that be? We'll see how all that goes.

Thirdly, I found out that our 35-40 year old Mexican dishwasher Fransisco me gusta me. Now I don't know how things are to Mexicans, so I don't know if "I like you" simply means "we could be good friends" or "I am interested in you". The story is, I was taking some of my dishes back to the dish tank and Aldemar, a 19 year old Mexican "bus boy" starts asking me random questions in half Spanish half English. I don't really understand and say with an innocent smile and a shrug "no abla espanol" (p.s I think it's funny that the spell check wants to make "espanol" the word lifespan or bespangle). He points to Fransisco and says, "you like?". Now that I understand I'm sure that I was blushing. I just shrugged. Then Aldemar asks "you have boyfriend?" I answer "no". He looks surprised, laughs and asks, "why!?" What do you say to that? I smile, embarrassed and shrug again. I then get out of there as fast as I can. Great, out of the people to have a crush on me, it has to be a Mexican who knows almost no English and is at least 15 years older than me if not more. *Sigh*. It's all a little bit awkward. I was afraid to take my dishes back the rest of the night.

The February weather has been getting me down lately. The skies are gray, any snow that falls melts within a day. It's a little warmer, nut not warm enough because there is little sun. I can' wait till spring.

Oscars were pretty fun last night. I loved the best picture montage which used music from Dragonheart which music that they use for about 70% of previews it seems. But thats okay because I love that movie and the soundtrack. "Bourne Ultimatum" won for all it's nominations. "Sweeny Todd" won a couple of times. "Transformers" failed to win at all which surprised me. I really didn't care about the big awards this year so good for "No Country..." for winning several awards. Anyway, on a side note, I won the Oscar poll this year which is a first.

I watched this preview last night and got really excited. I want to comment that I think it's awesome that they used music from "Children of Dune" for the first part. It made me happy.

Well, I guess thats it really. More updates will be coming on the status of the whole SCA thing soon I hope. I want to put in a tiny plug again because I know it's hard enough to get in one blog read per person. But I am starting a new story idea. The previous one in on Hiatus until I can get it back into shape. It's been having issues. I think that this new one is going well so far. I would love input. So if anyone gets a chance head over to my creative blog and check it out.

Well, I'm going to take a short nap so I don't have to worry about whether those SCA people are going to call back today or not.

Adios. Or radios if you are like the spell check on this thing...

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Anonymous said...

Your spell checker makes me laugh :-)

Love you -

Julina (I can't sign in at work, so I have to post anonymously)

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