Thursday, May 31, 2007


It's a funny thing, time is. It seems, in the summer, to take on a new form that it refused to assume during the semester. It has now morphed from the tortise into the hare. Zipping along until it thinks it has a fair lead, stopping off for a leasurly rest and then rushing in a panic to catch up. This makes for an erratic living experience.

I'm spending a lot of time at work, and not only at my store but also at Cherry Hill Which has the customer traffic of my back yard. I can get all the morning chores done in fifteen minutes and then I spend my time thinking about cleaning and changing the color of a post-it with a red pen instead. It's nice that it's so quiet, but it makes mornings that are already dull even duller.

Agricultural Law
Financial planning
I can't say that I am really excited for any of these. Oh well.

Still don't have the raise that I was supposed to get a few months ago and I blame this fully on my district manager who is a complete jerk. His best interestes are deffinatly only his own and he doesn't care for his employees at all. I really think we should consider the possibility of an uprising. That woud show him. Too bad I don't have the gumption...something I could really use sometimes.

I saw the new Pirates movie. It was good. Better then the second but not as good as the first. I went with people from church...who are my friends?

I'm not really sure who my friends are right now. Do I have any? Real friends? I think a few but they are all moving on and I am still stuck in the "wanting things to be they way they used to be in he summer" phase. Maybe I will never get out of it. Only because I don't have any stationary friends to lean on. They are all hanging out with the hare of time. and I am the slow and steady torise, except I probably wont win the race.

Anyway, those are my only concerns right. Life is pretty okay. I want to get out of columbia for a day or two. I really can't wait for the road trip me and sis Juli are planning.

Come on life. Show me what you got. Make me burst out of myself.


Steven William Lambson, Jr. said...

You definitely spelled "entomology" wrong. awkward.

Erin said...

I don't think I can bring you the won't fit in my suitcase :(

You are an introspective person and that is why I like you :)

Apparently I also enjoy using colons and parentheses to express my emotions...whatever...

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