Wednesday, May 2, 2007


You think that after all the grief that I have gone through in life that is attributable to my procrastination, I would have learned my lesson by now. Maybe this time I will remember how awful the last 4 days have been and next time I will get things done as soon as possible. It's just so easy to say that I have months of time and wait to do that research or to actually enroll for next semester. Then it becomes days and then hours.

Have I ever mentioned how much Mizzou tends to piss me off at this time of year? I have all my classes picked out and they are all still open and then I go to enroll and the stupid "new and convenient" myZou system tells me that there is a hold on my account and doesn't even tell me why. So even when I try to get things done it flies back in my face giving me a substantial life bruise and making everything terrible.

I tried to finish my report for my research and the computer tells me that I can't because it ate too much and is full of it.

Will life not be happy again? In the meantime, the days and hours drag on, sneering as they pass by because all I want is night and summer. Driving and trying to catch up with the moon(even this has been taken away from we with gas at $3.85).

I want the warm nights with symphonies of the earth. I want camping and fireworks and lazy, do nothing days. Movies with friends, leisurely breakfasts, waking up and realizing that you have no obligation to be a human being and the cosmos wont be thrown out of alignment if you morph into sloth and spend the day hanging from a tree sleeping. I want good books that I can finish in a week rather than a semester because I have time to read.

It will be here soon. I just have to wade through the crucial ornithology final that determines whether or not I pass the class with a C or a D and zip past the inconveniences that are my other finals. I'm hungry and don't to go to work.

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