Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I hate hormones. Right now they are not my friend.

I'm not generally a moody person thanks to regulatory hormone pills I was perscribed by my doctor for my anemia. But now that I'm not taking them I've been having these irregular mood swings.

For example, I cried at the end of The Shining (the 1997 one with Steven Weber from Wings). Who does that? I'm a regular weeper when it comes to movies, but I'm not sure that vrying to Stephen King is normal, unless it's at the Langoleers because the movie was such a waste of made for T.V. time.

Sunday was just terrible with a flood of "I'm alone and have no friends" feelings that weren't helped with my dream where one of my best friends ignored me the whole time.

I came to work tonight in a generally good mood but by the end of the shift I was throughly annoyed and feeling an emotion bordering on melancholy. Even Mike's constant good mood and shining aura didn't seem to lift my spirits as it usually does. My manager came in late and immediatly started telling me that I was doing something wrong because the rules had changed yet again. The number of petty rules that can get you trown out has been mounding up for the last few months and I find many of them pointless and tiresome. And my moodiness caused me to cat out unnaturally. I started arguing with the boss lady about the stupidness of the rules and got even more annoyed when she tried to mollify me with her made up excuses and examples illustrating why it makes sense (I learned a while ago that most of these "illustrations" are just her way of trying to keep the employee happy.). I finally just said, "whatever, I still think it's stupid but there is nothing that I can do about it so I'm going to let it go." But se still felt that she needed to explain herself and was distressed by my obvious change from smiling follower to scowling mutineer.

Oh well, this too shall pass and I will go back to having normal emotions.

And might I just add that it's hard for me to graciously accept the people that my "best friends" are becoming lately...

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Erin said...

I'm sorry everything's so rough right now (or should I say, about a week and a half ago). Sorry I haven't been reading this lately, my computer has it bookmarked so I remember to look at it, but I can't use my computer for internet here (it's kind of annoying, actually).

Crying at the end of The Green Mile (Stephen King) would be okay too...I've cried at commercials before, don't worry, it's normal (for girls at least).

Well, have a good day or I'll come over to the US, rip off your limbs and then leave you yelping in misery (yes, yelping...not crying)

Well, maybe I won't rip off your limbs...

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