Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Lookin Up!

Okay, I just have to insert this from Dave Barry's 24 Blog which is one of the funniest things on earth and makes up for his not writing a weekly column for the Miami Herald anymore...

"CTU's motto should be 'D'oh!'"

This will not be a 24 entry, but those of you who are watching this season with any regularity should understand.

So, things are going to be better from now on...hopefully. I still, still, STILL can't figure out why I can't enroll for my classes. But all of the ones I am signed up for are still miraculously open.

I am done with ornithology!!! The class that has controlled my entire life for the last few months. I'm pretty sure that I will manage a passing grade (passing being at least a D). But no matter what happens, I am not going to take it again. I will enroll super early next winter semester and get into mammology. I'm done with birds.

In some amazing twist of fate (or rather a twist of me actually doing my work), I managed a 90% out of my research paper(I would have gotten a 95% if I had been able to turn it in on time. CURSE YOU COMPUTER WITH NOT ENOUGH MEMORY!!). I am always amazed at how I am able to pull stuff like this off, it's how it's always been in my English and other writing classes. Maybe their standards are low. Or at least lower than I expect. I would once again like to thank Mr. Stover for making my senior year of high school a living hell so that I can be a competent B.S.er...um,I mean writer. Along with that, I think I did pretty well on my Ornithology final. I finished in an hour, which could be awesome or detrimental. I guess I'll have to see, but I felt that I was sufficient in my explanations. And unlike the last two tests, I felt that I actually knew the answers to 98% of the questions. Thank goodness for my procrastinating heart telling me that I have to deny it just this once.

The three finals I still have to take are still looming, but not as much as Ornithology was. I have meteorology this afternoon at 1:00 which I'm not studying for at the moment. But this is my least difficult test. It's only 50 questions multiple choice(like all the other tests), covers two units, and I still have three hours to study for it. It will probably only take me 1.5. Man, I love easy A, entry level classes. I've about used up my quota for those, so I'm basking in the rapidly fading glow.

My other two finals loom more like a cluster of light gray fluffy clouds than an oncoming storm. Not too threatening and I still have plenty of time for study, which I will try very hard mot to put off...but my reserves of determination were almost completely depleted in my ornithology fervor.

Well that's all I got for this week so far. I may take a moment and make note of how I think I did in my other finals, but I may too busy dancing on campus because it's almost the end of another semester!

Over and Out.

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