Friday, April 6, 2007

Taking a Day

So I never do this...not lately anyway. My first semester, I was so excited about the freedom of college that I skipped some of my classes quite frequently. Huge mistake. I didn't fail them, I just got grades that could have been better. And now that classes are getting harder, I would be a fool to regularly skip out. So except for that time that I was really sick and decided sleep was more important than Ornithology and that day that I didn't go to Geology because I was watching Rocky Balboa, I have gone to class.

So I decided that I can take a day. It's been a long week.

I will take advantage of my geology and meteorology teachers posting notes online and copy them into my notebook(taking care to read the textbooks as well to get anything I might have missed.) I'm also going to get some stuff done that has been sitting on my mind squashing it to stressed out pulp. So I'm not being totally unproductive today.

So I was thinking about "The Dark Crystal" and I remembered that I had heard that they were making a sequel. And the answer is yes. It's supposed to come out in the spring of 2008. And becuse I am the kind of person who want to see the new TMNT movie (from a somewhat reliable source I have heard that it is pretty good) I will deffinatly be seeing this sequel. As stupid as the idea is.

I might even watch the original today. Huh, good idea. And not going to class today has several advantages. I can make myself some lunch (a meal which I frequently miss out on) and then have leftovers for work tonight so I dont have to resort to other methods of sustinence. And since gas prices are so high I am saving money.

(I see a brown headed cowbird in our back yard)

So I am going to revel in this time that I have taken for myself and promise not to take another day off (except on my birthday).

Also, I stumbled upon this website and it's pretty cool and amazing what people did with these pictures.

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