Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This is my life as I see it apparently, based on a creative mind association thing that my sister did with me.

I pictured a desert...flat with lots of cracks in the dry ground. Not a lot of sand or rolling dunes, There are a few scattered tumbleweeds and cacti and some dry brush around. And in the distance are those really tall tower rocks...the ones that look kind of like stone skyscrapers.

Loosely translated-The cacti are people that I find hard to get along with. There aren't many in my life that are like this but I can think of one in particular. Maybe two. I'm in the middle of my desert perspectively which means that I feel I am in the midst off life and involved in it all. The tower cliffs in the distance can represent big events that I can see in the future. Possibly looming.

In the Desert is Cube. My cube is in the middle of the desert before me. It's smallish, reaching to my knees. It's made of crystal clear glass and is very angular. It's sitting flat on one side and is hollow.

The Cube is me. It's flat position represents being down to earth...a realist. (It can also represent being cynical. I think that this is the more correct interp. for me.) This clear glass material represents purity(uh...mostly) and clear thinking(maybe?). And the size is my self esteem. I dont have a huge ego so my cube isn't too big and it's not extremly tiny, so I dont think badly of myself. But it is only 4 feet or so high...but who doesn't see flaws in themselves?

There is also a ladder. It's on the ground lying flat next to the cube. It has 13 rungs and is made of wood.

The ladder represents friends and family and their support. The fact that it's wooden means that I am sentimental and traditional. The rungs can represent the number of friends I have or my social circle. Then there is the support issue. I did this with my family and when I read how my ladder was positioned, I recieved a barage of sympethetic"awwww..." 's. Because this obviously shows that I feel I get no support from my friends and family. On further study of this in my mind, I decided that this is true to a certain extent but not for my family as much as the friends I have. Not that it is their fault. I know that. It is just something buried deep inside me. Mostly I just miss them and maybe that translates in some weird way into feeling abandoned or not supported.

Next we were to picture a horse. Mine is brown and white spotted. It's bridled, no saddle. It's a Stallion. Wild but reserved at the moment. It's standing beside me and the cube, close by.

The horse is the love of my life. The white color represents innoscence and perfection. The brown, richness and warmth. The fact that it's a paint horse represents lot's of interest and contrast. It's type(stallion) means that I want someone bold, dominent and adventerous. The bridle can mean marrige(want for it?) and maybe the ability for it to take me somewhere. But the fact that it is not fully tamed(ie-no saddle) means that I want my true love to be free to an extent and feel pleasure in that freeness. I want my true love to be supportive as represented by the horse being near the cube.

Then we were to picture a storm. The sky is filled with lots of low cumulus clouds but there is little to no precipitation(now I sound like my meteorology teacher). The clouds are very dark and amazing to behold. There is lote of wind, thunder and big forks of lightning. I am in the midst of it all and I am not afraid. I even feel a thrill each time the sky is lit up with the electricity of it.

The storm represents issues and drama in my life. The clouds are apreheension, the thunder is anger and the lightning is danger. The fact that I am in the storm means that I feel my life is presently plagued with problems. But thought they are a challange and possible dangerous to me, I am unafraid and even feel accomplishment from overcoming.

Last but not least are my flowers. The are small, blue and in clusters scattered around the cube among the brush.

The flowers are the children in my life. Whether they are real or are my creative children...ie prijects in my life. There are clusters...many flowers which means that I either want to have lots of kids(which is true) or I have many projects/interests in my life.

So that is me being cubed. Interesting and a lot of fun. It helps you learn about yourself...which I am all for. Thank you Emily.


Erin! said...

This is intensely interesting.

You've been cubed...it sounds like a game show or hidden camera show.

Anyway, I'm coming home for Easter and I'll be here Monday too if you want to get together for food or something!

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Geoffrey A said...

I've been trying for years to find the origin of being cubed . Many people have had it done but it seem no one knows where it came from. Anyone out there have any ideas.

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