Wednesday, April 18, 2007


For the last few weeks, I have been worrying extensively about homosexuality and my views on it. And the subject being brought to my attention several times in the last few days caused me to seek a better understanding.

For most of my life I have thought what my religion told me to think. That homosexuality is wrong. But I never really understood why. It was just one of those things. And because I was uncomfortable with the whole thing, I never really looked into it to decide why I followed. Like I did with the word of wisdom and other standards.

So the other night I decided that I needed to go to my Father in Heaven about this. He, better than any one person, would be able to tell me why homosexuality is something that the church doesn't agree with. I didn't expect the answer to come where and when it did.

I was sitting in geology today, writing in my little notebook instead of paying attention to talk about glaciers. I got onto the topic of my friend and how I still don't know how to respond to his questions concerning my belief. As I was writing, it came to me.

It's not the idea of one man being attracted to another man that I see as wrong. Or one man loving another man in more than just a friendly manner. What bothers me is the sexual part of it all. Hearing my friend say "I can't wait to find the right person to have sex with" upset me. This is why.

Premarital sex is wrong. Between any two people. I firmly believe (me, myself...not just because I was told this is the way) that Sexual interactions between a man and a woman are sacred. The purpose of this is to bring a new soul into a body that they may have a life on this earth. And then we are to rear them the best we can. But in the world today, sex is something most people do only for the pleasure of it. With no intention of having a child. Most creatures in the world only "have sex" so that they can procreate, not for the pleasure. Sexual intercourse in meant for us as humans to have children. The fact that it is a pleasurable experience is simply all the better for us. It hurts enough for us as females to have a child. I think that it is a blessing that it isn't excruciatingly painful to create the child in the first place.

Here's how this connects with homosexuality. Those who live with that particular lifestyle complain to those against premarital sex that they can't legally get married and therefore cannot have sex within the bonds of marriage. But then does that mean they only want to get married so they can have sex without guilt? Anatomically, the male and female human bodies were made so that only a MALE and a FEMALE can create life through sex. It simply cannot happen between two males or two females. So the only reason two people of the same sex are having sex is for the pleasure of it? I'm not saying that they don't want children. But that they are having sex with each other for the wrong reason. If you truly love someone, you don't have to show it by having sex with them. That goes for everyone. If you love someone enough you can wait until you are married. And if you don't what is the point of wasting such a sacred act on someone that you may never be with again or care about in the future? How would you like to have to tell the one you marry that they were not good enough to wait for?

Sorry that this is such a long soapbox. I feel very strongly about this topic and now you know why. I can tell those that ask why I feel that it is wrong. Sorry if this was awkward for anyone to read. I didn't know how else to say things without being annoyingly vague.

To be clear, I am not trying to tear down homosexuals. This was never my intention. And this entry may sound like I am flinging stones. That's not what it is. I just feel like I came to an understanding and that is always a liberating feeling.

P.S.-note that at the beginning of this entry I said that I don't mind men loving other men. It's the way you are. It's simply then intentions I have problems with. And that goes for all people. homo or hetero.


Kirsten Lambson said...
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emily said...

sis, that is well-analyzed, and very maturely stated. At no point did it come across to me as MEAN or ACCUSATORY. It simply places your beliefs into perspective and results in a logical, moral-based conclusion.

Keep exploring your own life. You are growing because of it. I love you.

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