Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 28

You will all get sick of me. Good thing "all" encompasses 9-10 people.

Here you will find chronicled, the detailed events of my last just-under-a-month in Southern New Hampshire. Too bad I already discovered a new species, got stuck in a cave for a week and had to chew my way out, and successfully created life from the absence of life, i.e. chemicals (oh wait that was this guy). So you won't have to deal with reading anything exciting.

Today, for example, went in the following way:

1. I wanted to blow my nose, so I woke up at 8:15-ish. I am always the first one to wake up, no matter what.

2. I stood while cleaning myself. Whoever cam up with that anyway? When did we go from bathing to showering? Probably someone who thought, "I can't keep waiting for the next rain shower to get clean. It's dry season and I smell. I need to come up with an artificial way of creating rain." Bam(bi)! The shower was invented.

3. I had raisins for breakfast.

4. I decided that I needed to get some work done. I got some work done. Mike unplugged my computer.

5. I took pictures of a newly emerged monarch butterfly. We raised the cute little thing in a large glass jar. Now, it will fly away. Into the woods. Where it's choice diet and the diet of all it's kind is not to be found. Not finding any of it's kind in time, it will die, having spent all that time growing and struggling to get out of it's cocoon just to waste it's life stuck in the woods. New life is beautiful, isn't it?

6. When Chris sang "I'm Coming out" by Diana Ross, I asked if he remembered this commercial. Because I do. And I still think the best part is the look that the little kid has.

6. I ate instant mashed potatoes with Jess-made "good gravy!" gravy.

7. I drank lots of tea (I'm still trying to get over a cold, see?).

8. I packed up and drove through the ever changing woodland that is Bear Brook State Park to my 1:00 program.

9. I taught the best group of children I have ever met all about the "Incredible Edible Forest." It was magical.

10. I called back the Maine Conservation Corps. If I am lucky I will know that I got a position by October 12th. Just enough time to get a plane ticket for a reasonable price. Barely. They asked how likely I was to accept a position with them if offered. Between 50% and 100%. I said 80%. A lie.

11. I watched the premier of Glee.

12. I downloaded this song for free. Listen and love.

13. Then I downloaded this song. Not for free, but apparently we need it for a program.

14. I watched the premier of Cougar Town. Why do I love that show? Because it's short and it makes me laugh. I'm also glad that I have a better personality than the main character.

15. Now I am blogging for lack of anything better to do and because I know as soon as I leave this library I will have no choice but to go to bed because I need to get better for my program tomorrow.

A similar post will follow every single day. I hope you are prepared. I'm not. But it's a countdown. And this is how countdowns work.

Is anyone else freaking out because I can refer to this internship as having less than a month left? I can count down the days like Christmas.

I guess out of all you 9-10ers I am the only one freaking out. Go on. Live your lives. Free of the immense pressure felt when one has so little time that one feels obligated to count down to the end.

While you are whiling away your time on the internet, visiting this blog because you sadly have nothing better to do, please go here. It will make your day. Unless you have no soul. Then it will not make your day..

Don't worry. Not every post will be this long.

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