Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 27

Did I not type that this was a count down? Did I not type that I would chronicle the events of my last days in New Hampshire?

I believe that I did. So I want you to stop all your whining because it wont do any kind of good.

1. I was second awake today. Jess beat me by about 15 minutes. I also woke up 15 minutes later than I did yesterday. Isn't that a fascinating pattern? I thought so.

2. I feel like I'm in college again. Citations, bibliography, research. All of it. I can't decide if I missed that or not.

3. The Winchester Brothers have stolen my life for the past 5 years and continue to do so.

4. The Acorns continue their onslaught of every building, car, and human being. It's getting dangerously brutal out there.

5. They were 6th graders. It was a challenge. It's unfair how humid it was today.

6. Sal's Pizza is good. Buffalo chicken pizza is really spicy. Good company.

7. Shaw's is dangerous.

8. Butter cream icing is wonderful. It's even better if you make it yourself and can reap the benefits.

9. I can breathe today. The worst is over.

10. Decided to download all the free chapters of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files so I can decided if these books are worth buying or not. That's 200 pages worth of free reading.

11. No links today. Satellite internet will do that to you.

12. Thank goodness for the weekend.

See? That wasn't so bad.

Ps-more and more color appears each day on the trees. Eee! (That was...a...squeal of excitement...)

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