Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 24

"Cawn on then cab"-That's corn on the cob for those of you who don't speak random Sarah Lambson

"Corridor of color"-Said in a lofty voice as a description of the roads in New Hampshire right now

"Feta makes everything bettah"-You find a word that rhymes with feta. And it does make everything bettah.

"I am a Jedi, you cannot defeat me."-Said while pulling my hood menacingly over my head.

Canvas bag basketball-We were bored.

Hot dance-The flapping of ones arms believing that the action will cool the scalding food in ones mouth.

"Slow down!"-In reference to me trying to eat really hot food and then preforming the aforementioned "Hot dance". It was eggplant! It was really good! I really wanted to eat it.

I have also told everyone that the topics of what I am doing after this and my plans for getting home are strictly taboo. I already think about the Maine Conservation Corps and the St. Louis Zoo far too much as it is without people asking me and me repeating it over and over again and getting more and more anxious about it.

Actually, I'm not stressed or all that anxious. I just hate not having an answer. Jeremy said that waiting is better than getting a solid "no". I couldn't disagree more. At least with a no on either party, I can have some sort of plan with what I am doing. Oh! And the position I was applying for with the St. Louis Zoo is no longer on the site. So it's not really an option, methinks. C'mon Maine Conservation Corps!

Okay, everyone. Happy Monday.

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